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Sam Lam, Assistant Director, MULTISTEPSSam Lam, Assistant Director
Consumer demands and expectations in terms of personalized, convenient, and sustainable packaging are fast proliferating consumer packaged goods (CPG) and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets. But it is often difficult and tedious for businesses operating in this domain to incorporate these evolving customer sentiments and still have the fast-mover advantage. As these businesses work with multiple partners— who handle different aspects of packaging workflow—any change in packaging material or design and, most importantly, customer service often takes a long time to implement. What businesses need is a one-stop packaging partner, instead of multiple entities, to shorten the time taken to incorporate any change in the packaging material or processes.

Enter Multisteps.

Multisteps leverages its 20 years of experience in the packaging industry to bring the entire packaging workflow under a single umbrella, from handling the raw material to treating, roll stock, design/tooling and transforming it into the final product.
Multisteps can thus respond to any consumer demand or market trend around packaging material or its quality in the shortest time and give its clients an edge over their competitors.

Multisteps also has in-house quality and shelf-life testing teams to offer the utmost packaging quality and buying experience for their clients’ end consumers. Drawing from these illustrated capabilities, Multisteps produces retail-ready (or shelf-ready) packaging solutions that improve the end-customer experience for CPG and FMCG businesses.

“Our status as a one-stop packaging partner means our clients can just leap ahead of the trends instead of standing still,” says Sam Lam, assistant director, Multisteps.

The end-to-end packaging capabilities have helped Multisteps’ clients thrive in the explosion of online shopping and supply chain issues at the peak of COVID-19. Multisteps not only supported its clients manage the packaging of huge volumes of consumer goods but also actively took part in demand forecasting. The company used its analytics team to probe deeper into clients’ business patterns and assessed the potential forward orders to produce the necessary packaging volumes and keep them handy to empower its clients.
Alongside its technical capabilities, Multisteps also takes proactive measures toward creating sustainable packaging. The company ensures that all its packaging material contains recycled plastic, which can even be increased to 100 percent at the clients’ discretion.

Multisteps even maintains a strict policy of choosing suppliers that maintain minimum ecological impact as well as a preference to support local raw material suppliers. That’s not all. Multisteps is equally mindful of its own carbon footprint, and as such, the company leverages solar power to run its factories and minimize the use of valuable resources like fossil fuels.
  • Our Status As A One-Stop Packaging Partner Means Our Clients Can Leap Ahead Of The Trends Instead Of Standing Still

Propelled by such strides, Multisteps is currently covering various F&B segments like fresh produce, meat and protein, and meal-ready while working on entering the retail-ready industry as well. The company is also expanding its global manufacturing capabilities with new plants in Australia and the U.S. These efforts are a testament to Multisteps’ mission of always looking to help its diverse clients charter a new, sustainable future in the packaging realm.


Sydney, Australia

Sam Lam, Assistant Director

Multisteps has over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry and focusesprimarily on perishable fresh food products

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