Improving Food Safety with Technology

By Josh Giefer, International Business Consultant, Domino's

Improving Food Safety with Technology

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Innovation in the Realm of Food and Beverages

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2021 Cannabis Industry Trends

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, April 28, 2021

As legalization widens to new regions and more products hit the market, the cannabis industry is booming with the help of advanced technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Less than two decades ago, cannabis was illegal in all 50 states. Now, cannabis, as a sector of the economy, is well-poised for 2021. A large part of the momentum behind the sector is political. Add to that an industry that proved its mettle and matured during a pandemic, and it’s no surprise that the outlook for the cannabis sector is bright. Read on to review the technologies that appeared in the market last year and to expect to see them in the coming years.

Self-Contained Tissue Culture Laboratory

As firms expand or upgrade their facilities, they will investigate commercial production methodologies. One of those ways will be meristem tissue culture. The main advantage of tissue culture versus present alternative practices is storing millions of cultures in a relatively small space with minimal environmental control. Several commercially produced crops, ranging from pineapples to orchids, are propagated via tissue culture.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Content Meter

The possibilities of the A&M RS technology is intriguing. The industry always needed a handheld device that decides both peak cannabinoid and terpene content of a cannabis or hemp specimen on the live plant without compromising the specimen in any negative method. The use of devices such as the RS was performed by a conglomerate of several researchers, and that the field has several millions of dollars invested.

Large Scale HEPA Filtration for Air Intake 

A firm named ENTAS once produced a mobile shipping container as a large-scale HEPA air filtration device. It featured multistage filtration that was serviceable, portable, and potent in filtering out contaminants like powdery mildew and pests. The greenhouse and indoor growers would benefit from such an air filtration system that filters and sterilizes for specific cannabis pests and diseases. There is a similar requirement for an air exhaust filtration apparatus, particularly one that filters and eliminates odors while gathering any residual moisture for reuse in irrigation.

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