How Can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Poultry Sector?

By Evelynn Becker, IT Manager , Dean Foods

How Can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Poultry...

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3 AI Use Cases in Poultry Industry

Food and Beverages | Friday, December 04, 2020

Soon AI will reshape the poultry industry and have a positive role in bringing efficiency at every level.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence is a vital part of science that helps create smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically need human intelligence. It is an extensive tool that allows people to integrate information, analyze data, and use the insights to enhance decision-making, thus improving any business's efficiency. Artificial Intelligence can even help address many challenges in the poultry industry. Artificial Intelligence can very well mitigate the error, enhance farming efficiency, and boost a farm's profit. Here is how AI can create an impact on the poultry industry.

• Farm Management

Big data has a significant role to play in bettering farm management practices. A large amount of data in the industry is manual, and in the present time, computers are used to gather all the information about the farm. Several parameters are being gathered, and information is stored in the form of excel or software. With big data, many data can be stored in cloud spaces that can be used by machines or robotics to control parameters like humidity, temperature, light, and many others. Artificial Intelligence can collect these parameters and process the data with the help of data analytics using prestored data in the cloud. After processing the result, AI can be used for decision making, thus improving the farm's efficiency.

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• Disease Management

Disease Management is an essential part of farming practices. Managing disease through machines can be very complex. Knowing the variation in symptoms and possibility of N number of diseases is good for disease management. AI can simplify the process by assisting in diagnosis. Machine learning and Big data can play a decisive role in disease management. Some of the problems can be very easily identified with the help of AI-based installed in farms and can be sent to the caretaker of the farm so that faster decision can be made and loss can be mitigated.

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• Post-farm Activities

Like Artificial Intelligence, technology is evaluated by meat processing companies to sort parts and find diseased carcasses. Machines can easily differentiate between bones and muscle mass, thus process Artificial intelligence to operate. Layer Farmers are using AI for grading eggs and to find quality eggs at a much higher speed. 

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