A Fast Changing Food World

By Alexandre Stephan, Partner, SP Ventures

A Fast Changing Food World

Smart, Transparent Food Sourcing with Blockchain

By Tejas Bhatt, Senior Director, Food Safety Innovation – Walmart & Archana Sristy, Senior Director, Blockchain Platforms – Walmart Global Technology

Smart, Transparent Food Sourcing with Blockchain

The Tech-Enabled Paradigm Shift in eCommerce Landscape

By Ken Bott, Head of Digital, PDQ (People Dedicated to Quality) Restaurants

The Tech-Enabled Paradigm Shift in eCommerce Landscape

Advantages of Traceability Beyond Connecting Consumers to Their Food

By Barbara Masters, VP Regulatory Policy, Food and Agriculture and Jennifer Williams, Vice President for FSQA, Fresh Meats, Tyson Foods

Advantages of Traceability Beyond Connecting Consumers to...

3 Major Tech Innovations in the Food and Beverage Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Friday, August 14, 2020

The technology trends in the food and beverage industry is reinventing food production and sourcing methods in the food and beverage industry.

FREMONT, CA: The need for technology is increasing in the food and beverage industry due to digital opportunities, climate change, and health-conscious consumers. All these factors are encouraging innovative startups to make a change in the industry. There is no doubt in the fact that in the past few years, the dynamics of the food and beverage business have changed. They have become more customer-centric, transparent and increased the usage of technology. The top technology trends that are transforming the industry are given below.

Top 10 Food Tech Startups - 2019• Flow-Through Sortation

To keep the food and beverages stocked, firms are bringing distribution center to quickly restock shelves on the same day. There are many operations that are considering the flow-through sorting system to make the activity of restocking easier. It is more of automated storage and which has wheels like structure to move around automatically. This system also incorporates robotic palletize and de-palletize, which provides scalability, modularity, and flexibility while transporting things. This improves product quality that has a huge effect on consumer satisfaction that will significantly increase business.

• Voice Technology

Voice technology is not something new. The food and beverage industry has realized the use of this technology recently that allows them to put a hold of costs. It allows increased accuracy in the food industry. The cost reduction and return on investment have become the most observed area of voice technology. Order picking has a huge impact because of the implementation of voice technology.  Voice technology has reduced order picking steps by 40 percent, and it is also a great way to decrease mis-picks and picking errors.

• AGV Technology

Businesses are incorporating AGV for their operations. This all-of-a-sudden trust is because of the presence of self-driven cars. Firms are now focusing on collaborating operations with automated systems. This means that firms are increasing the accessibility of AGVs in warehouse operations. Due to this, the communication between the automated storage with AGV has become the major focus of the warehouse systems. This is allowing the food and beverage industry to increase efficiency while saving money.

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