Importance of Ingredients in the Manufacture of Plant-based Alternative Food

By Keshav Singh, Vice President & Business Head-Dairy, Laxmi Group

Importance of Ingredients in the Manufacture of...

Do AI, IoT, and Big Data in Food and Beverage Sector help the bottom line for companies?

By Uday Garg, Founder & CEO, Mandala Capital

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Technology Intersects with Imagination to Make 3-D Printed Chocolate a Reality at Hershey

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Innovation in the Realm of Food and Beverages

By Manuel Alcalá, VP Pan American Sales, SMurfit Kappa

Innovation in the Realm of Food and Beverages

3 Packaging Innovations for Boosting Food and Beverage Sales

Kevin Lobo, Food and Beverage Tech Review | Thursday, January 20, 2022

Latest packaging trends are helping food and beverage companies boost their sales significantly.

FREMONT, CA: The world is constantly being refined. Be it eCommerce campaigns, seasonal packaging, or moving into a new sector, consumer packaged goods firms, manufacturers, and designers worked with what they had and made it improved. Many firms joined an international company to focus on a recycling program. Instead of releasing new products with unique flavors for consumers, they lean toward what they truly want. And it seems to be working. Here is a list of the trends from last year that will continue to grow in the coming years.

• Material Advances

Packaging materials saw several noteworthy changes in 2020. Suppliers worked with multilayer films to try out new layers with a recyclable advantage. There is a multilayer recyclable pouch with a barrier that still guards the flavor and the freshness of the product. Companies are developing one of the first commercialized packages for completely recycled food, ready for in-store drop-off, and has an EVOH barrier for seal strength, product preservation, and durability. Resin technology offers a solution by compatibilizing the barrier, enabling a multilayer film to be fully recyclable and gain sustainability objectives.

• Aluminum Grows

Moving from rigid plastic bottles to aluminum cans in the beverage industry was another essential change. Companies have stopped producing plastic packaging across its range and hopes that all plastic will be out of distribution by the end of the year. Companies are packaging their water in aluminum bottles and cans as a replacement for minimally recyclable plastic bottles. These brands’ mission is for kids around the world to have clean, fresh drinking water.

• eCommerce and Subscription Services

Many retailers realize the demand for an online platform and the opportunity for sales that come with it. Knowing how to set up a product photo for the web is mandatory. Google has started serving more image results for all kinds of searches. And, using complete images allows shoppers to know what to expect. Since adding 360-degree images to the website, there has been a dramatic increase in web traffic and online sales. That’s likely about 27 percent of all Google searches were specifically for image results.

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