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3 Primary Advantages of Food Technology

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Food technologies are used during processing as it can increase the shelf-life of the products and maintain nutritional value so that more people can consume them. 

FREMONT, CA: Food Technology is currently in the spotlight due to the growing popularity of the department's highly advanced equipment. The demand for these food technologies has increased in several countries due to its expertise in various food processing.

Food Technology helps the students learn how to use technology to develop and process food materials to become items with high use and even better resale value. On the other hand, food materials must have a high nutritional value and be safe for consumption.

The essential advantages of food technology's function in the society that people can understand are listed below.

Make foods have a more extended expiration period

Food technology frequently processes food material so that it has a longer shelf life. For example, a food product that originates from milk as a raw material is processed and packaged so that it turns into a long-lasting product such as cheese or yogurt.

Another example is milk that has been processed into milk powder or packaged milk, which has a more extended expiration period than milk that has not been processed. As a result, the products can be delivered to a broader range of locations, allowing more people to consume them.

Keep foods nutrition locked properly

Food technology extends the shelf life of food products and allows them to maintain their nutritional value even after being processed in this manner. For example, canned fish is preserved and packaged in an efficient way that is not harmful to the human body and ensures that the fish retains its nutritional value.

Eliminate bacteria or disease from the food

Apart from the two reasons mentioned above, another advantage of using food technology is that bacteria or other diseases likely to present in food components are eliminated. It is possible to remove bacteria as there is a presence of high-level heating technologies that can eliminate harmful germs within food materials. For example, processing of milk with pasteurization or ultra-high temperature (UHT) technology. This procedure effectively kills dangerous bacteria in raw milk, ensuring that it is free of toxic materials and can be stored for a long time. Additionally, this milk product will be of even higher quality due to specific packaging.

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