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3 Technologies Revamping the Cannabis Sector

Food and Beverages | Friday, March 26, 2021

The cannabis sector is constantly changing and evolving alongside new technologies.

FREMONT, CA: The last few years has been a game-changer for the cannabis industry, with several states legalizing the consumption of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. Bringing these products to the mass industry has involved several scientific breakthroughs. Instead of the less processing of the plant, growers are now generating oils for vaping, capsules, edible gummies, and many more. It will be exciting to see how technologies change the way people gets high. Here are some technological developments that could radically reshape the cannabis sector.


If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught people anything, industries must be ready to adapt to global events as rapidly as possible to reduce economic impacts. There are apps like WeedMaps, which informs users where the nearest cannabis dispensary is and which offers a host of information on cannabis strains, with user reviews to assist educate consumers on which strain is the best.

Cannabis Extraction Technology

The process of consuming cannabis is no longer relegated to blunts and bongs, and technology has helped expand the menu of cannabis products on offer. One such technology is CO2 extraction. Certain elements of the cannabis plant can be stripped from the sum of the parts. As an outcome of cannabis extraction technology, new forms of cannabis consumption have arisen, like vaporizing and dabbing rigs which can offer smoke-free or more potent consumption alternatives.


Cannabis grows lights revolutionized the sector, letting those in unideal climates take their growing operations indoors and expediting the growing process for all who use them. Before cultivators used grow light technologies, cannabis cultivation was subject to the unpredictability of the outdoors. Whether it be fluorescent lights, LED or HID lights, the lights that cultivators leverage when growing cannabis can significantly alter the plant's appearance and impacts. Cannabis grows light technologies have afforded cultivators manage in the appearance, potency, and yield of their plants and offer consumers a reliable source of cannabis all-year-round.

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