Augmented And Virtual Reality In Today's World

By Mayank Singh, Head Of Digital, Technology And Marketing Departments, Domino’s Pizza, Indonesia

Augmented And Virtual Reality In Today's World


By Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars


Strengthening Food Safety Through a Data-Driven Approach

By Keri Dawson, VP-Industry Solutions and Advisory Services, Metric Stream

Strengthening Food Safety Through a Data-Driven Approach

What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us


What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us

4 Benefits of Using Technology in Bakeries

Food and Beverages | Monday, November 23, 2020

Technological advancements are adding great value to modern-day bakery operations.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is of great value in the bakery world. It forms part of the life of a baker. Without the use of technology, it becomes difficult to get the end product a baker needs. It facilitates a baker and all the workers in the bakery. Whether the bakery is a small or big, niche-oriented business that sells direct to consumers or operates a larger firm that sells to grocery stores, restaurants, or cafeterias, firms can decrease their costs and increase the profits using general business and bakery-specific technologies.

Better Quality Control

New baking technology improves the consistency of the products by changing baking techniques. With old ovens, firms had to manually move pans from lower to higher racks, affecting bake times. With advanced technology, firms can improve baking results by utilizing ovens with rotating racks and temperature issues. This helps firms create more consistency in their products.

Better Baking Results

Some advanced baking technologies are aimed at improving the finished product. Equipment like spiral mixers helps bakers mix larger batches and avoiding over-mixing. This mitigates oxidation in the dough. Vacuum-cooling pieces of bread can enhance the structure of bread, create more volume, ensure a crispier crust, and result in longer shelf life.  Radio-frequency heating helps regulate the evaporation of water during the baking process, benefitting bakers of cookies and crackers by mitigating cracking in these items.

Reduces Production Costs

Technology that helps firms reduce labor hours will decrease production costs. While bakers might not be able to limit staff, they will produce more items in the same amount of time, decreasing the cost to make each item and increasing the output. Even if the labor costs remain the same, the production costs per pie or loaf of bread decrease, increasing profit margins, and gross profits. The use of silicon in bakeware and baking parchment reduces prep and cleanup times.

Improves Sales Processes

Whether it’s an internal sales database, consumer ordering app, or website analytics, technology is bettering how bakeries sell their goods. The more a bakery can forecast its sales, the better it can manage inventory to make sure customers can get what they need, when they need it. With home food delivery increasing in demand, bakeries that deploy technologies to facilitate these sales types will see better profits. Inventory tracking of finished products and ingredients helps keep bakeries running smoothly.

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