Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

By Casey Debruyn, Ph.d., Heartland Food Products Group

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

Keys to Reaching the Peak of a Cyber Security Program Journey

By Christine Vanderpool, VP IT Security & CISO, Florida Crystals

Keys to Reaching the Peak of a Cyber Security Program...

The Intelligent, Integrated Restaurant

By Thomas Godsey, Director of Information Technology, Torchy’s Tacos

The Intelligent, Integrated Restaurant

4 Best Food Service Trends to Watch Out for in the Future

Food and Beverages | Monday, January 25, 2021

Staying on top of the foodservice trends helps identify the customers' requirements on the base and stay ahead of the competition.

Fremont, CA: Keeping up with the foodservice trends aids in identifying the transforming needs of the customer base and stays ahead of the competition. 2019 was a year that was marked by innovation and growth, and this growth is being compounded upon in 2020 with a better reliance on technology and sustainability. Here are a few of the most important equipment, delivery, service, and technology trends dominating this year.

Space-Saving and Multi-functional

The kitchen space is decreasing as rent is going up. Therefore, several restaurant owners select smaller kitchen equipment that can perform several functions to optimize their space. For operators of the food trucks, small pop-up restaurants, or food hall booths, tools that fit on a countertop frees up the much needed square footage for other essential items.

Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Companies - 2020Innovative Disposable Materials

Manufacturers continue to find new ways to avoid the usage of 100 percent plastic in their disposable products. The effect of single-use plastic on the environment is a hot topic that affects any business that serves and packages food. With new innovative products such as straws made from hay or mineral-filled polypropylene containers, restaurant owners can limit the amount of plastic they buy and distribute to customers.


It might seem futuristic, but robots are searching their way into foodservice in a variety of unique ways. One can now buy a $6 burger made by the first all-in-one burger machine at the Creator restaurant in San Francisco. One of the advantages of using robots in the kitchen is that repetitive or high-risk tasks can be deployed to machines. Human staff members have more time to carry out creative tasks, and the labor savings can be passed onto the customer.

Green Growing Cabinets

Now kitchens in many restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities can produce fresh, organic microgreens without the need for a local garden. Green growing cabinets are designed to hold the growing trays and regulate lighting, water, and humidity to produce the best tasting organic greens and herbs. The risk of losing a harvest due to drought is eliminated, giving kitchens an unending supply of local microgreens.

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