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Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Amidst a crowded fast-casual field, there are some traits, differentiators which will set the restaurant apart from the others and assist in staying on the top.  

FREMONT, CA: The restaurant industry at present, especially the fast-casual cuisine, has become saturated, overcooked even. With each day, there comes a new concept, a category of teenagers tempting, and diet-breaking dishes. The most successful usually populate a particular region, but very few spread worldwide to dominate. With the competition being fiercer now more than ever, hungry influencers waiting in line to eat it all and judge them on social media. The expansion or renovation of the restaurant needs to be well sorted out and planned to the T. By including some differentiators and involving the already loyal fan base, before embarking on the quest for one-of-a-kind greatness:

Setting the Bar High:

As the limited-service mantra becomes too upscale, it is ideal for a fast-casual place which is expanding its menus to add a bar program with few cocktails. This addition will not change the atmosphere but will also redirect the customers of all ages. The newly added bar can not only cater to crafted beer but also menu-offsetting cocktails that enhance the taste palette of the food on the menu when paired. Some creatives have gone to lengths of adding spices from all over the world in a two dozen variety of signature cocktails. It is seen that restaurants with cocktail bars that mix-up a drink complementary to the food have seen noticed more than 30 percent hike in diners to the restaurant. Regardless of the recipes, it is essential to hire good quality, professional bartenders to run the bar smoothly. Since a bar-program along with a fast-casual restaurant might be confusing for some diners.

Night Owl Operators:

The holy grail of the limited-service restaurants are the ultimate hangout spots which allow all members in the surrounding community to visit and linger around in the place. Although after an order, a repeat is not-likely but with time the habits change. The daily visitors start opting for a favored order, and that will kick-start the business. Until then, the differentiator is to adapt to the personality of the neighborhood in the menu of the restaurant. In case of a night crowd, stay open; convert to a night owl operator. But ensure stability.

Workshops Work:

Most of the times, to make a brand stand out after renovation rethinking the consumer’s relationship with the product in question is necessary. Considering a bakery for example, if the brand’s signature assortment, the macaroon, is decorated perfectly, available in a variety of colors, looking so dainty. It reminds the consumer how hard it is to bake, causing a negative effect over the confectionery. But, when the same bakery conducts baking classes that teach in simple ways how to perfect the macaroon, it becomes a personal feeling to eat the macaroon. Hiking the sales as well as generating income from the baking workshops. Conducting a workshop will help establish a connection among the locale, interacting with customers and staff, and even the chef of the restaurant. The consumers are educated about the amount of precision and effort that goes into making a culinary masterpiece, all while showcasing that it is worth tasting once at least if not two.

From A Desk into a Coffee Wonderland:

With the increase in the gig economy, many restaurants have partnered with co-working spaces where spacious restaurants are being converted into co-working spaces and vis-à-vis. Although the chance of employees hogging on the previous real-estate is a back draw in this arrangement. It is beneficial if the people stay and as long as they want. The employees will know where to come for food. With the interiors designed to suit office space, the café can roll out as many beverages as possible to keep the working souls hydrated while earning rent for the office spaces. In metropolitan cities, A hungry person who needs to grab a cab and travel for a minimum of 15 minutes for a decent dinner, will be more than happy with the new-age arrangement. Especially nowadays with the offices opening up into a harmonious co-dependent space, an eatery with decent food on the same floor is like luck redeemed.

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