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4 Robust Technology Trends That are Influencing the Restaurant Industry?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, July 02, 2020

Technology is being used in restaurants for quite a long time, but it has now become indispensable with changing times. Restaurants are now adopting new technologies that are providing them an edge to fulfill the requirements of their customers better.

FREMONT, CA: In the year 2019, the food industry has witnessed a lot of technological advances. The restaurants that quickly adapt to new technological advancements with changing times achieved and retained more customers. From online delivery to dining in an entirely automated restaurant, technology innovations have raised customer expectations.

The following are some of the restaurant technology trends for the year 2020.

Tabletop Ordering System

This technology offers diners the ease of scrolling through the menu digitally and place orders. Servers need not be physically present there to take orders from every table. Orders that are placed through digital menus get directly transferred to the kitchens. Moreover, some systems are incorporated with entertainment features for engaging consumers while their order is being prepared.

Self-ordering Kiosks

These small standing digital systems enable the customers to place their orders themselves. Kiosks accelerate the service with a massive reduction in orders that take time. Self-ordering kiosks are versatile systems that empower the consumers to personalize their orders and pay for them through their favorable mode of payment. Kiosks help in cutting down long waiting time in queues even during the peak time and direct more consumer traffic. This helps restaurants earn more revenue.

Besides, these systems offer real-time insights about consumer preferences. The whole data is synced with the POS terminals, which helps the restaurateurs in determining what is functioning well. This empowers them to bring improvements in overall services.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Kitchen display systems (KDS) are very useful in maintaining consistency and efficiency. KDS allow an efficient flow of communication between the kitchen staff and the restaurant’s front of house staff. All the online and dine-in orders from the mobile or website app or third-party aggregators are straightforwardly pushed into the restaurant management system. Modern times POS terminals are very well incorporated with KDS. This robust integration makes sure that the consistency levels in food inventory and preparation remain constant across the complete restaurant chain. 

Voice Technology

In-app voice assistance with major virtual assistants like Google Assistant, or Alexa offers easy navigation to consumers for placing orders by using voice commands. Voice assistants are considered one of the most promising technological trends that will have a significant impact on the restaurant industry in the future.

To conclude, the emerging technological trends in restaurants will enhance proficiencies and extend the customer base without disrupting the main functionality of the restaurant.

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