The New Consumer & Brand Insights Driving The Delivery Tech Landscape

By Jill Hoffman, Director Of Global Quality And Food Safety, Mccormick & Co. Inc

The New Consumer & Brand Insights Driving The Delivery...

Four keys to surviving your digital transformation

By Jeremy Behler, Chief Financial Officer, Sargento Foods Inc.

Four keys to surviving your digital transformation

Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry


Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry

Technological Advances In Food Safety


Technological Advances In Food Safety

4 Technologies Helping the Beverage Industry

Food and Beverages | Monday, February 08, 2021

Technological innovations are improving processes beverage industry, thereby enhancing productivity.

FREMONT, CA: The beverage sector has seen massive technological advancements throughout the years. The most exciting innovations include factory automation and blockchain. Of course, this is barely a scratch of the surface of what the market has come to be. Here is a look at some of the key technological innovations in the beverage industry right now.

Flow-Through Sortation

To optimize the process of distributing, staging, and sorting their items, beverage firms have taken to using flow-through systems. This process uses robots and automated vehicles to stack and move their products around warehouses. The system also enables machine operators to track every batch, so it’s seamless to ensure that every item is accounted for. Most of all, it mitigates human error and the need for more manpower, increasing productivity and cost-efficiency in the process.

Voice Technology

Voice technology makes processes easier, and this has never been more evident than in warehouse operators. By simply issuing machines voice commands and it gets the job done without any issues. This raises overall efficiency and lowers the time required to train new operators and get them up to speed.

Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the use of network-connected devices in an industrial environment. It focuses on machine-to-machine communication, enabling manufacturers to streamline their operations and reduce mistakes. In the beverage industry, device provider Sidel has been offering companies machines with built-in sensors and efficiency enhancement tools.

Cloud Technology

Not every beverage firm will have the resources to pursue cutting-edge advancements. Luckily, cloud service providers are there to make resources accessible. These providers rent access to several software or storage so that firms can avoid paying the costs for owning and maintaining their infrastructure. A cloud-based platform can help food and beverage companies start their sugar-reduced products. From lab simulation software to product testing, the cloud promises features that will assist them throughout the production process.

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