Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

By Paul Johnson, SVP, The Horton Group

Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Technology is Reinventing Restaurant Operations

By Sara Kwiatkowski, Digital Product Manager, Gordon Food Service

Technology is Reinventing Restaurant Operations

Innovations and Technology in the Poultry Industry

By Dr. Kayla Price, Canadian Poultry Technical Manager, Alltech

Innovations and Technology in the Poultry Industry

5 Innovations to Watch Out for in the Poultry Industry

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Technologies are transforming the future of the poultry industry by helping solve labor difficulty, improving bird health and food safety.

Fremont, CA:The pandemic has caused several problems for the poultry sector, ranging from labor shortages to supply chain disruptions. New technologies can assist the industry in resolving these difficulties and preparing for future growth and success.

Here are five new technologies that will transform the poultry industry:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a robust tool that has the potential to help poultry producers improve efficiency while also addressing welfare and health issues. This technique could be used in a variety of poultry businesses. Machine learning, camera vision, and acoustic monitoring are just a few examples of improving bird welfare and communicating data with doctors.

Remote sensing

Sensors can make data collecting easier for both birds and workers, resulting in more precise poultry production. Sensors can be used to assess weight and measure crop uniformity in poultry, for example. When employees use sensors as wearable, they can also help solve labour difficulties and increase worker retention and food safety.

Blockchain Technology

Consumers today demand to know how their food is raised, fed, and manufactured. From farm to fork, blockchain track and trace food goods across the supply chain. To understand blockchain, consider it a collection of linked data securely connected to one another. Once the data is saved to the blockchain, it cannot be changed without affecting all of the other records in the collection.


When it comes to repetitive chores like checking bird health, eliminating welfare, immunizations, and waste management, automation can be utilised to replace physical labour on poultry farms. There are robots in processing companies that can chop meat from the bones, which could help space out workers who are at danger of contracting COVID-19.

Microbiome and life science

Microbiology, genetics, nutrition, poultry health management, and other advances are all helping to improve flock management and breed healthier birds. The microbiome has been connected to everything from intestinal health to obesity and mental illnesses in human medicine. These findings are now being applied to chickens, with scientists producing probiotics to help reduce parasite infections and other diseases.

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