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5 Must-Have Features in Food Truck POS Systems

Food and Beverages | Thursday, October 31, 2019

Food truck POS features and functionalities need to operate and enhance the business, and offer exceptional customer experiences, and to achieve this, the truck owners need to look after the below-given points.

FREMONT, CA: Similarity between traditional restaurants and food trucks is that they both need POS systems. This is mandatory to achieve maximum operating efficiency. Customers love the affordable choices, fare, and quick services that food trucks offer. Here's a look at how POS systems help food trucks increase efficiency.

Ease of Use

A food truck POS should be easy to use that even the just hired employees are able to use it like efficiently. Before investing in POS software, it is important to ask the solution provider for a demo of the system. This is needed to know many clicks it takes to enter a typical order, add modifiers, and complete an entire transaction from start to finish.

Reports and Analytics

Modern POS software should not only give the sales summaries, but should also drill down into the tiny details. Some reports to look for while evaluating food truck POS systems are:

• Sales reports that offer a summary for a given period, but also details such as sales by hour, shift reports, and sales by location.

• Inventory reports that are offered with inventory valuation lets to know when the management is running low on products.

• Labor reports to know how much the organization is spending on additional employees.

• Customer reports that help to know who the best customers and their favorite fare.

• Product reports knowing what are the best and worst selling menu items.

• Payment reports that tell how much dough to expect in the cash drawer at the end of the day. Also, money from credit card transactions that helps the payment provider to deposit in the bank account.

Data from reports like these will empower an organization to make smart data-driven decisions, such as how to maximize the profitability of menu items, optimize orders to avoid food waste, and employee scheduling to control labor costs.

Adapting Feature

Food trucks have unique workflows, so it's essential that the POS software that enables adjusting menus on-the-fly to keep the operation running smoothly. Another critical factor to keep in mind that the mobile business is sales tax. Depending on the jurisdiction where the food truck is stationed, it will most likely be the owner's responsibility to collect sales tax at the point of purchase.

While different municipalities have different tax rates, the organization is going to need to adjust the sales tax on the menu items as the truck travels from one location to another. Make sure the POS system supports multiple tax rates, which can easily be switched back and forth and added as needed.

Along with sales tax, the POS software should help to change menu pricing on-the-go quickly. While the specialty empanadas might be able to fetch $12 on a street corner in New York City, that price maybe a little too steep for customers at a central Pennsylvania food truck festival.

Online Ordering

One of the main reasons why customers frequently chose food trucks is convenience. Allowing the customers to place online orders to reduce their wait at the food truck will appeal to many customers, especially for those on their way to work or with limited time for lunch. Make sure the food truck POS system allows to accept online orders efficiently without the need for an employee to re-enter them.

Mobile Payments

Additional ways to engage with customers and meet their expectations for speed and efficiency, explore food truck POS systems that support options like self-serve kiosks, mobile POS, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay. By choosing a POS solution that gives the ability to engineer the types of experiences the customers want. With more competition, the truck owner needs to find ways to offer not only the best food but also the best customer experiences.

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