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Airfield Sets New Standard for Cannabis E-Commerce

Food and Beverages | Friday, August 13, 2021

Airfield launches its proprietary e-commerce cannabis shopping site that gives an immersive shopping experience to the customers.

FREMONT, CA: Airfield Supply Company announces the launch of its proprietary e-commerce website built on Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, making it the most robust online cannabis shopping site in the United States. Long viewed as the gold standard for differentiated e-commerce, Adobe Commerce already powers online shopping experiences for industry-disrupting consumer and B2B brands but has yet to be extensively used in the cannabis retail space. Drawing from the best omnichannel retail examples available, Airfields new digital storefront extends the limits of cannabis e-retail by providing an immersive shopping experience that makes consumer navigation, discovery, and check-out seamless, delivers a superior mobile experience, and drives discovery, personalized recommendations, and intuitive reordering in a way that no other cannabis e-commerce site can.

“As a customer-first brand, we have always been passionate about providing the best shopping experience imaginable. While we can control our in-store and delivery moments completely, we’ve had to work within the limitations of online retail for nearly a decade,” says Marc Matulich, founder and CEO of Airfield Supply Co., the Silicon Valley-based dispensary he launched in 2010.

“For example, an intuitive mobile shopping experience is common in every other aspect of our lives but hasn’t been optimized for the cannabis industry. Our monthly visitor stats show that nearly three quarters of our visitors come to us via mobile and none of them have so far had the shopping experience we think they deserve,” Matulich says. “We are dramatically changing that by expanding our omnichannel capabilities with Adobe. Now, Airfield customers will have the same type of consistent, satisfying encounters theyre used to having when purchasing food, books, clothes, or cosmetics. We realized that since we couldnt buy a platform experience this powerful, we literally had to build it ourselves.”

The global e-commerce market is predicted to grow by 14 percent every year. According to research by New Frontier Data, the national cannabis industry will enjoy a compounded annual growth rate of 18 percent by 2025. As the most extensively used e-commerce platform by top 500 U.S. retailers according to Digital Commerce 360, Adobe Commerce brings comfort, versatility, intuitive interface, mobile optimization capabilities, and endless possibilities to customize and scale Airfield's digital storefront.

Airfield has aspired to create an e-commerce experience that meets the excellence of its in-store shopping. Amongst the highest-volume single-site dispensaries in California, Airfield utilizes a fleet of electric Tesla sedans among its vehicles for no-contact prepaid delivery and offering curbside service. Establishing an average of 35,000 transactions per month, Airfield additionally highlights a unique Shop-In Shop showcase that brands typically enjoy a 100 percent growth in sales during their featured slot.

“Customers have historically been forced to put up with a subpar experience when shopping for cannabis online,” adds Airfield CMO Chris Lane. “We asked ourselves, What if we don’t compromise on any of the things that make Airfield special? We truly believe that there should be no difference between shopping on Airfield’s platform and shopping at the best retailers in any other industry. We want to replicate and ultimately enhancewhat you’re accustomed to and already enjoy in a high-touch physical retail environment. This is really only just the beginning of how we build this immersive, digital world. No one else in cannabis has done that before.”

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