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An Overview of the Benefits of Industrial Food Packaging Automation

Food and Beverages | Thursday, December 16, 2021

The food processing industry faces increased competition, and it is important to invest in automated solutions to reinforce competitive strengths.

FREMONT, CA: In today's global economy, the food processing sector faces heightened competition. It is vital for plant managers and production managers to invest in automated operation flows to reinforce their competitive strengths. Whether firms are looking to improve labor efficiency, raise production potential or enhance food safety, automation plays a key role in making the plant more competitive. Here is an overview of the advantages of industrial food packaging automation.

• Increased Labor Efficiency

Latest automated platforms are emerging in almost every sector of the food packaging process, like automated quality and safety monitoring, automated packaging, and filling industrial food products.  When plant managers or production managers require accelerating production or launching new product lines, an automated packaging platform may be a better solution than hiring additional personnel. Specifically, when labor is scarce, or firms require automated packaging operations, like manual forming, lining, and packing boxes. Being able to increase and decrease production with an automated packaging line is often the only solution.

• Accelerate Food Processing Capacity

Staying competitive in the market means being able to perform high volumes at short notice. A plant expansion is needed to increase the production ability. However, scarcity, the high price of plots, or legal permits may prevent firms from taking this step. Innovative food packaging equipment providing an increase in efficiency and potential can be the remedy. A fully automated line using a combined case erector can be adjusted according to the available space, resulting in much-improved use of that space.

• Improved Food Safety

Food safety is a rising concern, and new regulations are being issued. By mitigating human contact, the risk of contamination can be eliminated. Leveraging an automated inserter, making bags from a reel, and opening the bag just-in-time before inserting, results in a safe packaging process. Firms with higher hygiene operations enjoy a better competitive advantage. It enables them to differentiate themselves from big food manufacturers, which all have their own food safety needs. Hygienic food managing and heat sealing, including vacuum packing and gas flushing, results in a longer shelf-life. This enables to ship the products to customers in remote parts.

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