Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Livestock Sector

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Friday, May 28, 2021

AI allows easy data entry on-farm records, monitoring farm activities, analyzing economic performance, bettering animals’ health, improving soil richness, all these strivings towards smart agriculture.

FREMONT, CA:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology mimics human intelligence by applying algorithms that can conduct a series of tasks and are developed into computers, software, apps, and all other forms of technologies. AI prompted machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics referred to as data science. The use of AI makes life easy for farmers. Data collected not only benefits the farm only, but researchers, firms, and many other stakeholders use it to make inferences that can assist farms around the world to make informed decisions on individual animal performance. Here are some of the livestock applications of AI.

Data Tracking and Analysis Apps

Satellite imagery yields one of the specific features: no need for a pilot to gather the images. In contrast, GPS telemetry facilitates tracking animals, e.g., a herd of cattle grazing. From the comfort of the farm, one can deploy the machinery to carry out any task. Data tracking and analysis applications, for example, a mobile app, help farmers in gathering data, streamlining animal feeding, enhancing overall economic performance, and increasing the qualitative standard of their products.

Improving Food Safety and Animal Health

There is innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems for the automated acquisition of the images of pathological lesions in the organs of animals. This innovative system is potent for analyzing and scoring the images and gathers the results in an online report. ADAL is the technology that applies deep learning in the analysis of acquired images.

Identification and Traceability

Many AI companies offer contactless biometric AI (Artificial Intelligence) recognition tools for livestock identification and seamless traceability. Its main goal is to enhance animal health and welfare and to guarantee the safety of animal-based products. This innovative technology can recognize bovines with extreme accuracy. It is presently being adapted to domestic pets and other livestock species.

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