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Are Restaurant Owners Ready to Welcome a Truly Transformative System?

By Food and Beverages | Monday, July 29, 2019

Tommy Yionoulis, Managing Director

Operation Management systems can be the next significant change necessary in the restaurant industry. But are the companies willing to push past conventional methods and embrace the transformative? 

FREMONT, CA: The monumental changes seen recently in the restaurant industry is the invention of the POS System. It not only replaced the siloed cash register but also gave brands real-time access to sales data resulting in an increase of multi-unit operation expansion than any other technology. Before the invention of POS systems, restaurants had seen only a minute fraction of change since the renaissance. 

The next significant movement in the restaurant industry is the operations management systems, like OpsAnalitica. How the data generated can be leveraged to make the restaurant operations much efficient even with fewer employees. 

To do more with less is what the company is striving for. OpsAnalitica aims to be transformative and increase work efficiency by changing how the entire business and the financials associated operate.

Speaking of Ops Mgt Systems, or the Digital Checklist systems like OpsAnalitica, Tommy Yionoulis, Managing Director of OpsAnalitica, informs “We offer real-time visibility into restaurant operations and holds managers accountable, with the ability to track individual assets through streamlined processes. All in all, operators can reap the benefits of running better restaurants using the OpsAnalitica platform.”

The critical step is for the owners to go beyond paper checklists by digitalizing and then check if the transformation has been recognized. OpsAnalitica being recognized as one among the Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Providers in 2019 by the Food and Beverage Tech Review Magazine assures the difference after opting for the digital checklists are visible. The transformation is achieved from leveraging the technology across the organization, by reassessing operation methods, challenging the status quo and norms of the business.

At the foundation, platforms like OpsAnalitica boost the behavior and facilitate human data collection. Collecting data from manual processes and exercising control over behavior across multiple locations before OpsAnalitica was nearly impossible. As OpsAnalitica structures manual process and provides data just like the POS system.

For achieving true transform, the companies need to shift from normal checklists on paper, to beyond what the owners are familiar with and leverage the technology to run restaurants differently.



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