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Benefits of AI in the Poultry Sector

Food and Beverages | Friday, January 29, 2021

Artificial intelligence can help the poultry industry improve farming productivity and reduce errors. 

FREMONT, CA : A core component of computer science is artificial intelligence, which helps build smart machines capable of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is a wide-ranging instrument that allows people to incorporate data, interpret data, and use insights to enhance decision-making, thereby improving every organization's effectiveness. Google Search Engine is a good example. It is designed and developed by human intelligence to give companies a forum from which by typing the exact keywords in the search box, they can get any information related to something.

Artificial Intelligence in Poultry Industry:

In the poultry field, Artificial Intelligence will help solve several challenges. Human involvement in farming can be a source of contamination, and computers and robotics can be much more effective in many processes compared to humans. Artificial Intelligence can very well minimize errors, increase farming pro

ductivity and optimize a farm's benefit.

Farm Management

In enhancing farm management activities, Big Data has a significant role to play. In the industry, a massive volume of data is manual, and computers have recently been used to store all the farm information. Different parameters are gathered, and data is stored in excel or software formats. A large amount of information can be processed in cloud spaces with Big Data's assistance, which can be used by computers or robots to monitor parameters such as humidity, temperature, light, etc. One such instrument that will play a significant role in shaping the future of farm management practices is machine learning. Through Machine Learning Robotics, large numbers of parameters that are important for farm management can be controlled.

Disease Management

The most crucial aspect of farming practices is pest control. One way or another, every operation they conduct on the farm is related to disease control. Machine-based disease management can be a very complicated method that recognizes the difference in symptoms and the likelihood of various diseases. AI will, however, simplify the process by aiding in diagnosis in the immediate future.

Evaluation of Nutrition and Medicinal Products:

AI can be very useful in collecting and processing data while conducting trials or comparative studies of different items. A massive number of data points can be tracked at a single point of time through machines and sensors, which will take a lot of time for humans to analyze. AI would not only help to collect information but also to interpret findings through analytics and offer statistical analysis with comparative results.

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