Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

By David Morton, Founder and Proprietor at DMK Restaurants

Using Technology to Reshape the Restaurant Experience

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

By Douglas Brown, Director of Technology, Compass Group

Key Features of Restaurant POS Software

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

By Kevin Myers, Chief Marketing and Information Officer, Donatos Pizza

Human Curiosity makes Data Grow Stronger

Technology for Improving Hospitality

By TJ Schier, President, SMART Restaurant Group

Technology for Improving Hospitality

Best Features to Look for in Restaurant Management System

Food and Beverages | Friday, August 12, 2022

Using restaurant loyalty or engagement software makes it easy to stay in touch with customers and communicate with them.

FREMONT, CA: Hoteliers can overcome problems in the restaurant industry with a Restaurant Management System. The end outcome is content managers, staff, and customers. Everyone receives the tools they require to complete their tasks and make judgments. All the components of a technological setup "speak" to each other when they use an integrated solution. Connected systems consolidate data in one location rather than publishing numerous reports from various software applications. Hoteliers may observe activities and notifications wherever they are with the help of practical restaurant inventory applications or real-time labor dashboards. They may also use reports to determine when sales will be enough to pay off equipment or cover the expenditures of opening a restaurant.

Inventory management

Using your inventory management program, you can make more informed ordering decisions and even save time when placing orders, thanks to programs that support barcode scanners and other devices. Additionally, it can manage the following tasks:

• A list of expiration dates

• The cost of a recipe

• Disposal of food waste

• Theft-related expenses

Labor management

The use of labor management and scheduling software helps hoteliers to keep on top of their labor costs while complying with the requirements for labor records. In addition, it can also serve as a communication tool, allowing for sending alerts based on the status or position of the employee to team members.

Capabilities to report

With the help of real-time dashboards and historical analytics, hoteliers can make smart decisions. Hoteliers can do so if they want to compare performance year-over-year or see how the latest promotion fared—using the software to see employee performance data and then holding a contest for employees to monitor their performance.

Hardware options

Using a cash register or POS system is a standard feature of the restaurant business. Many different devices to manage online ordering, loyalty programs and customer-focused services are leveraged. It can be done, for example, by using the following:

• Display screens in the kitchen, server stations, and tablets

• Rewards or points are entered on loyalty tablets

• The use of third-party or online ordering tablets is an option for accepting digital orders

• An in-house kiosk or self-ordering option can be used as part of the self-ordering process

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