Beverage Industry Transformation with Smart Technologies

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Smart technologies are rising across the beverage industry as digital applications grow more connected and automation promises market-wide change.

Smart technology will turn more vital for boosting efficiency in drinks manufacturing, tracing products at every stage of the supply chain, and marketing products to a growing tech-savvy customer base as beverage companies face growing pressure in the future. In addition, smart technologies are ushering beverages into a new digital era, from smart manufacturing to AI-driven robots.

Some eminent technologies that are changing the beverage industry are:

• Big data

Big data may be a huge driver for the beverage industry when advancing insights across the supply chain. As a result, enterprise resource planning software is being drawn to provide businesses with an online platform that aggregates real-time data and assists them in determining the best ways to maximize the production of soft drinks, smoothies, alcohol, and other beverages.

• Smart packaging

Yearly, the food and beverage sectors lose billions of dollars because products are purposefully mislabeled, diluted, or tampered with before reaching customers. As a result, smart packaging solutions are becoming more popular to assist companies in tracking the validity of their products along the supply chain. In addition, beverage companies are also using smart technologies to sell their products. For example, Devils Backbone, owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, experimented with augmented reality on packaging for three beer brands. Using a new application, consumers may use their smartphone camera to view a 3D representation of packaging characteristics.

• AI and robotic bartenders

AI enables computers to receive data and make judgments, greatly benefiting the beverage sector supply chain. Nevertheless, AI-enabled technology is being tested in a variety of unusual ways. From a consumer and hospitality standpoint, AI can provide drinks a new lease on life.

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