Blockchain to Solidify Trust in the Food Industry

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Blockchain’s ability to track records can be used to resolve vital issues such as food fraud, safety concerns, supply chain incompetence, and food traceability in the system. A Blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that employs consented protocols. By means of DLT technology, any alterations to the ledger turn invalid unless agreed by all other users. This is why Blockchain, an emerging technology, stores the key to reduced food wastage in the supply chain.

The ledgers are updated with the support of the exchange of digital tokens. But food packaging retailers are already initiating the test of this technology as a mode of offering end-to-end traceability to consumers. As a result, customers can observe the genealogy of their ordered products with a QR code.

The ability to display the record of a product and its ingredients can considerably reduce food waste. Today, a solitary occurrence of food poisoning can result in a whole product line being withdrawn from storage and disposed of. The reason is food retailers and manufacturers both want to act rapidly and withdraw potentially harmful products, and there is currently no way of swiftly checking the safety of additional products in a range. Food retailers and distributors should possess systems in place to observe, document, and track ingredient origins and process details. As Blockchain technology matures, it will be easy to integrate it with the distributed control system in a food supply chain.

Over the last few years, Blockchain has become readily available to convert different industries, especially in the food sector. However, Blockchain will not modernize food wastage until corporations recognize a way of bringing secretive operations into the public domain that end users can have access to reliably. Without this sincerity, the process of recognizing safe products compared to damaging ones will continue to remain lengthy, incompetent, and inevitably wasteful.

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