Call for interoperability and controls in Food Supply Chain

By Food and Beverages | Friday, April 12, 2019

Consumers might or might not spend a great deal of time thinking about their food or pharmaceutical products being safe. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, however, invest a lot of time and effort in making sure that what goes on the market does not make anyone sick. Long before computers, the supply chain existed. With the need to keep track of all components of the supply chain has also threatened retailers since people started to trade with each other.

With the rise of more stringent food safety regulations, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of the United States, and the rise of nutraceuticals and cannabis-related products, the situation too intrciate to tread through. Though they are considered distinct industries, in a lot of aspects the food and beverage industry and pharmaceuticals are in fact similar and each can learn a great deal from each other.

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Over the past few years, the pharmaceutical cold chain and temperature-controlled shipping for the food industry have seen substantial growth with the increase and complexity of the global supply chain. It is no surprise that the food industry is starting to look for guidance on best practices from pharmaceutical. The pharmaceutical industry has almost 30 years of experience in handling complex control processes of the kind that are now required in adjacent markets, thus providing a valuable point of reference.

Temperature-sensitive packaging manufacturers, traceability, and monitoring solutions can help customers meet these stringent regulatory requirements and optimize their supply chain by providing a range of thermal testing and validation processes to achieve success across all shipping lanes—air, road, and sea. Temperature control is a critical element of food safety, as it helps prevent foodborne diseases and outbreaks that can lead to problems of public health.

Reusable cold chain solutions can bring down costs and sustainability attempts while lowering the amount of time spent on shipment review by providing data earlier in the review process and allowing companies to handle their shipments by way of exception. These approaches are preconditioned to befriend the stringent standards of health and safety that are equal to or greater than those from the food industry.

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