Can Centerlining Help in the Latest Baking Techniques?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 20, 2020

The companies in the industry are busy trying to acquire the stability and control of the processes, which can be gained by nothing but the method of centerlining, easily.

FREMONT, CA: In the digital world today, every smooth operation relies on the data. Baking is a mishmash of both art and science, where information is considered as the balancing factor, keeping in mind the stable processes in the food and beverage industry. To have constant improvement, tools such as centerlining, rate lock, and statistical process control (SPC) can be of great help.

Functions that run more than one shift can often fall victim to tweaks from one to the other. In simple words, centerlining is a methodology that helps in determining the optimal setting on the line to make the most of the existing efficiencies. The method is based on hard data, somewhat varying shifts of qualitative factors, and other opinions. For operators in different companies, centerlining is all about determining the needs of a production line that goes from front-to-back. Apart from this, it also needs to know that each step of the way has a set of parameters to be observed, measured, and tweaked. It helps retain the enhanced level from one day to the other. If a centerline is recognized once, then the rate locks can eventually be set considering the standard stated by the data.

Companies collect data from the systems to figure out their position in a state of control when it comes to weight control. For more information, they make use of the control chart, which provides instruction to carry out adjustments. Here, centerlining acts as a tool to set the rate lock and uphold the already steady area.

The superiority of the tool lies in its creation of repeatable and foreseen outcomes, and even if centerlining creates a baseline, it does not intend to perform the operator’s task. It is the responsibility of the bakers to ensure that the first few steps of the operation are taken under the ideal state.

It is essential to optimize the line before fixing the centerline marks. After the centerlines and rates are finalized, the program will incorporate a technique to observe, evaluate, and adjust the parameters, wherever necessary, to achieve the enduring efficiencies. The data helps operators reach two different points directly without any detours. It is an SPC control chart that displays the analyzed data with software in real-time.

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