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Can CIP Systems Help Poultry and Meat Processing be Contamination-Free?

Food and Beverages | Monday, July 06, 2020

CIP Systems can help food processing companies maintain cleanliness and make the environment contamination-free.

FREMONT, CA: The companies related to food processing and packaging facilities know the importance of cleanliness to maintain the brand's reputation. They even have to ensure that every type of food is kept contamination-free during the cycle of production and distribution. However, according to recent data, it is necessary to safeguard the meat and poultry from contamination because of the frequent foodborne diseases recently.

To ensure that the equipment handling meat and poultry are free from harmful contamination, the organizations can apply Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems.

What is the definition of Clean-In-Place Systems?

Top 10 Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Companies - 2020With the help of CIP, it will become easy for the companies to clean the inner surface of the processing equipment used in food and beverages. The material might consist of vessels, spiral freezers, homogenizers, associated fittings, pipes, tanks, mixers, blenders, and roasters. The operators do not have to disassemble the equipment while cleaning when they use the CIP system. Moreover, the CIP system can run on automated cleaning intervals, and if it is implemented appropriately, it will even decrease the time required for manual cleaning intervals. Therefore, when the workforce does not have to do all the cleaning manually, it will automatically increase productivity.

Various Types of Equipment That Must Get the CIP Treatment

Here are some of the food processing equipment that requires a CIP system cleaning.

Conveyor Systems

One of the most significant equipment in the food processing line is conveyors. Therefore, the food processing companies must make sure that the conveyors and conveyor belts are clean and free from cross-contamination. They can apply CIP in different ways that will ensure to decrease the risks.

Industrial Packaging Equipment

These machines are in constant use, and they are the last step before the productions are taken out for distribution. Applying CIP will allow the companies to conduct their previous check-up against contamination before the product departs.

Cutting Machines

The retailers and consumers must cut the meat into an accurate proportion. However, after cutting, many meat particles stay behind due to which it is essential to clean the cutting equipment frequently.

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