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By Evelynn Becker, IT Manager , Dean Foods

What's New In Food Processing Technology?

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Managing Risk in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Can Food Labeling Pave the Way for a Healthy Food Choice?

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, January 29, 2020

People spend a significant amount of money on food, and approximately 70 percent of Americans are obese or overweight due to the high consumption of unhealthy food, especially junk food.

FREMONT, CA: FDA is taking significant steps to improve the statistic and finding ways to reduce preventable death and disease related to poor nutrition. As a part of the same FDA has updated the Nutrition Facts Label that makes the calories disclosure front and center and implements a menu labeling rule. The word “healthy” is represented as an implied nutrition content claim that characterizes a food as having permitted levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, as listed in the FDA regulation authorization.

FDA is leveraging modernizing standards of identity that are federally mandated requirements for what is permitted in various foods to legally using the name of the food, including bread, chocolate, and cheese. There are close to 350 of these FDA and USDA standards. FDA has received 13,000 comments alone on the usage of diary names I labeling plant-based products. FDA has also held meetings on standards of identity, the most recent being discussed on “horizontal approaches” to modernizing standards of identity. FDA is planning to start a new standard of identity for yogurt with an aim to eradicate other obsolete standards.

The manufacturers will not miss the chance and take advantage of the regulatory change and adopt the “healthy” labeling claim. In the same manner, the manufacturers who were precluded from calling themselves by a common name might want a branding overhaul. There is a possibility for reformulation and supply changes for the products in the completion of compliance. In this process, food safety managers will play a vital role in shepherding food products.

FDA has estimated relabeling costs to be $ 3,000 per UPC and reformulating costs at $9000,000 per reformulation, even though the expenses differ massively depending on internal resources and various other factors. The businesses have to allocate time and budget to consider formulas and labeling claims to tend to these changes and consult with their counsel whenever required.

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