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Can Smart Technology Benefit Beverage Industry?

Food and Beverages | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Smart technologies are increasing in a variety of industries as digital applications become ever more connective, and automation promises a market-wide change.

FREMONT, CA: With drinks companies fated to face high pressure in the future, smart technologies will become crucial for driving efficiency in drinks manufacturing, tracing products at every aspect of the supply chain, and marketing the products for an ever-increasing tech-savvy consumer base. Starting from smart factories to robots driven by artificial intelligence, smart technologies are driving drinks into a new digital era. However, the agility at which these technologies are proving transformative can make them difficult to track.

Here are some of the prominent technologies and how they are changing the industry.

Smart manufacturing: cuts costs through IOT-enabled solutions

Automation and IoT technologies are helping the food and drinks manufacturers to reap the benefits of the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’. These include higher efficiency, reduced production costs, and better safety to staff due to increasing automation through robotics and smart technologies.

The introduction of smart sensors on packaging lines can make it easier to fill beverage packs in different sizes and switch formats on the fly. They also gather the data that enables beverage producers to monitor their supplies and also track the condition of filling equipment to facilitate predictive maintenance.

Big data ensures consistency

Big data can be a key driver in the beverage industry when it comes to enhancing insights throughout the supply chain. The development of enterprise resource planning software provides companies with an online platform that collects real-time information and helps in identifying the best ways to optimize the production of soft drinks, alcohol, smoothies, and other beverages.

AI and robotic bartenders

AI allows computers to receive data and make actionable decisions, giving a boon to the drinks industry supply chain. Moreover, AI-powered technology is explored in various other ways, as well. Additionally, AI can provide drinks with a new lease of life from a consumer and hospitality perspective.

In the future, companies will keep developing technologies in the pursuit to counter the main problems faced by the drinks industry. Specifically, sustainability could be a focus, as food and drinks company fall under increasing pressure to decrease their environmental impact. As blockchain, big data, and AI technologies keep improving, and drinks companies will continue to find solutions to its most significant issues while enhancing their market appeal to consumers.

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