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Cloud POS Pros show why it is chosen by so many businesses

Food and Beverages | Friday, April 12, 2019

Technologies, and especially cloud computing, have made sweeping changes in people's way of living and working. It is swiftly morphing industries of all shapes and sizes and there is no exception to the world of quick-service restaurants. So how can operators use all this new technology?

According to Hospitality Technology Trends Report, it is clear that cloud-based point-of-sale initiatives score high on the technology wishlists of restaurateurs. Indeed, the report found that 61 percent of merchants want this element to be the core of their next POS system. However, it is very crucial to note that the architecture, as well as the cloud cost and acquisition models, are fundamentally different from the POS client-server. The truth is that in four interlinked factors such as cost, simplicity, flexibility, and function, cloud POS can offer real, tangible benefits.

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With the setup, the advantage begins. It often takes weeks to roll out traditional client-server solutions across multiple locations. Typically, modern cloud POS solutions can be downloaded from the cloud to the device within minutes. Cloud POS solutions today tend to run on familiar devices and are intended to be as user-friendly as a smartphone app. For line workers and managers alike, these solutions reduce training time because they are designed for simplicity.

Using the cloud-connected tablet POS systems enables greater mobility. While QSR restaurants can also provide faster checkout, restaurants with full service can bring the device right to the table. It can also minimize the downtime of the system. Even if the system has problems connecting to the cloud, it can still be used in an offline mode and manage transactions. Once the connection is restored, it is possible to synchronize new data without loss of data. While cloud POS is relatively new, its benefits clarify why this option is chosen by so many enterprises.

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