Conversational AI's Top Benefits to Drive eCommerce Sales

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Most shopping assistant bots combine a robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommendations engine with conversational AI to offer products based on client preferences and assist them in swiftly finding what they are looking for.

FREMONT, CA: Conversational AI is only a technology, and for it to be helpful, organizations must deploy it in a way that works for them. An AI chatbot is the most common use of conversational AI for eCommerce businesses. AI chatbots have become incredibly adaptable, as evidenced by the following list of ways to increase eCommerce sales.

Digital Assistants Make Shopping Faster and Easier

Using chatbots as digital shopping assistants is another popular technique to enhance eCommerce sales with conversational AI. Various eCommerce brands have launched their own digital shopping assistants on their own website/app or on a major social networking platform. Most shopping assistant bots combine a robust AI recommendations engine with conversational AI to offer products based on client preferences and assist them in swiftly finding what they are looking for.

More Effective Retargeting

The first company messaging is frequently insufficient for converting new clients, which is why companies use remarketing. Retargeting is the process of attempting to convert warm leads or consumers who have shown interest in a brand but have not yet converted. Retargeting is incredibly significant because only two percent of online shoppers make a purchase on their first visit, but retargeting may raise conversion rates by 128 percent.

Many of the same features that make chatbots so great for commercial messaging also make them effective for retargeting. On the other hand, conversational AI plays a significantly bigger part here, as it is in charge of determining the most likely reason a potential consumer did not convert at first and taking action appropriately. One of Australia's largest travel agencies used conversational AI in its chatbot to boost response rates to an impressive 89 percent during retargeting.

Additional Point of Sales (PoS)

The actual transaction takes place at the point of sale, which has historically been their website or mobile application with cart and checkout features for eCommerce businesses. However, eCommerce companies are already adopting sales chatbots that serve as both a PoS and a communication channel.

These sales chatbot examples employ conversational AI but also include a cart and checkout capability, allowing customers to complete transactions directly from the chat window. They are most commonly seen on popular chat apps, which makes online buying even easier. Because these products are most likely to be ordered regularly, a second PoS is especially advantageous for eCommerce businesses that sell relatively low-value and low-risk products/services like groceries, takeout, stationery, and so on.

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