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Important Features of an On-Demand Food Ordering App

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Current Technology Trends in the Food Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Advances in technology have influenced changes in society over the years, including the food and beverage sector that is currently evolving at a rapid pace in terms of warehousing and customer demand. Along with the growing population, technology is being successful in producing a large volume of food efficiently, and likewise, with improved packaging process, the shelf life and safety of food can be enhanced.

Machines ensure the quality and affordability of food, while simultaneously driving down the cost of keeping produce fresh and increasing its shelf life. Robotic devices can help eliminate safety hazards for dangerous jobs in the food industry—for example, a butcher's program can cut hard meat precisely to avoid injuries at work.

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The evolution of 3D printing has brought new applications into the food industry, such as printing a pizza to create soft foods for those who are unable to chew hard foods.

Technology like GPS tracking systems and satellite imagery can monitor and analyze crop yields, soil levels, and weather patterns to enhance farm efficiency. Drones can locate, identify, and immediately tend to crops that are diseased or damaged. The use of robotic methods does not eliminate the need for food workers but enhances the production of a large volume of food at a lower price.

With the rising awareness of healthy and sustainable goods, consumers are paying more attention to food labels and packaging. Through the use of robotics and digitization, food packaging companies can find alternatives to plastics, such as edible packaging, micro packaging, and even packaging bacteria.

At present, 40 percent of America's food is wasted; however, with the use of technology, the percentage of food wastage can be reduced, and the extra food can be utilized. The current innovation in technology can produce food in different methods, and that alteration is considered vital to eliminate hunger and solve the problem of food waste.

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