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Customer Facing Technology: How it Can Benefit Restaurants

Food and Beverages | Monday, March 15, 2021

Advanced AI technology does not compete with the workers for jobs; instead, they cooperate to build a caring and effective business environment. The employees can also assist customers with these devices if they have questions about how to use them, so ensure the workers are aware of addressing any problems that arise.

FREMONT, CA: Restaurants who incorporate customer-facing technology already know the advantages of letting their customers actively communicate with, experience, or simply view the display screens during ordering and payment. One can improve every customer's experience even further by using AI to power this technology.

Self-service is essential in this situation. Businesses are evaluating facial recognition tech, for example, to see how it can help a kiosk recognize and remember repeat customers. The machines will be able to access this information and remember previous orders, prompting the customer to reorder a favorite or recommend new meals based on past tastes, trends, and common menu times at the moment.

This greatly personalizes the experience and aids in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by anticipating just what consumers want without them needing to input any details. Apart from facial recognition software, self-service has several other advantages: it massively speeds up service, reducing wait times, increasing customer loyalty, and allowing the staff to focus on other activities while still being around to answer customer questions and troubleshoot the self-service devices. It is particularly beneficial for quick-service and fast-casual restaurants that deal with heavy volumes or busy peak hours. They have advantages such as:

Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Companies - 2021Spending more time with the menu so they can browse at their leisure without having to worry about holding up the lines.

Order Without Judgment: In front of cashiers or other customers, people often feel self-conscious about changing their order, adding sides, or improving their lunch. Customers will fill their orders exactly as they want without fearing that anyone will judge their portion sizes when they are doing the whole operation themselves.

Increase Check Sizes: By removing the risk of being judged, the consumers would pay more money per order on average. This increases consumer satisfaction by encouraging them to return for more of the same great experience.

Speed Up the Total Service Time: According to reports, introducing self-service technology decreases average customer wait times and speeds up the ordering process.

Better Customer Satisfaction: Customers leave the restaurant feeling more comfortable and more taken care of than at the rivals when they can request drink refills or more food more quickly, when they can change their order to meet their precise specifications, and when customer-facing technology contributes to greater order precision.

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