Data Security for Food and Beverage Firms with Unique Software Defined Access Solution

By Food and Beverages | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Many IT firms have been employing software defined access networks in order to survive in the cloud platform. The hybrid platform offers increased levels of security at times of critical workload. In recent times, companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and VMware, the companies have been involved in using hybrid platforms. In order to access information from the hybrid platforms, companies need the right software defined access solution providers that they can partner with. Software-defined access networks help in managing high-speed traffic flows and network administration.

Safe-T Group is one of the leading software-defined access network solution providers, which is used to reduce the attacks on the sensitive data of a firm. It helps its clients to secure data from both inside and outside the internet world. It provides security solutions in Israel, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe. Through its Integrated Data Security Platform (IDSP), the company protects the client organizations from data exfiltration, leakage, malware, and ransomware, and only allows exposure and access to the information after confirming whether the entry is trustworthy or not.

The clients of the Safe-T Group have access over automated application, emails, cloud storage, secure applications, and secure hybrid cloud. Recently, the company made an announcement regarding their first order from a leading food and Beverage Company in Israel. According to the statement, the food and beverage company has ordered for SDA (Software Defined Access) solution through a local integrator. The food and beverage company also leverages the reverse patent access of Safe-T's.

Shahar Daniel, CEO of Safe-T, says, “This is a strategic order for us. The beverage company is a longtime customer of ours, and they have now decided to use our innovative solutions to more deeply protect their systems.” Clients from various industries stick toward the company due to the end-to-end data protection it offers by controlling the access and the usage. Through the access control of the client's site, the software provided by Safe-T Group reduces the attack surface.  Several beverage companies like CocaCola depend on Safe-T for their software-defined access in order to keep their data secure.

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