Did AI Just Come Up With Vegan Meat?

Did AI Just Come Up With Vegan Meat?

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Utilization of the plant-based ingredients goes well with a larger trend, which is toward a vegan diet as the consumers have reduced the intake of animal products, in the present time.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is modifying the food industry by making way for innovation and new product development (NPD), to make their entries in the global food trends. It is not only improving the economies but also doing wonders in the emerging economies.

Some start-ups have come up with new innovations with the help of AI technology, which is a vegan burger. Surprisingly the taste, smell, and texture of the burger are uncannily like the original or regular meat version. The burger is prepared with multiple ingredients that include pea, soy, and chickpea protein, and some of them also have the same nutritional value as the regular beef burger.

Manufacturing organizations have come up with plant-based substitutes for popular animal-based foods, including yogurt, milk, and cheese, all made using AI technology. Internationally, consumers are showing their inclinations towards the natural and plant-based products and beverages because of health, religion, or ethical reasons. Plant-based products have a healthier aura that surrounds them, with a perception that the products people are using are more natural.

It is considered that there are two varieties of consumers that have moved to lead a healthier eating habit. One part perceives that the food trends are much stronger and natural than the rest, whereas the second part strongly believes that driving a balanced food diet is healthy. The impression of people has more chances of staying with not only the health-conscious millennials but also the older cohorts.

Moreover, considering the rising working population and frantic lifestyle, consumer demand is making a move toward fast, affordable, and suitable food options. Nonetheless, ease and affordability do not support health and wellness effectively, always. Therefore, creativity and technology hold significant importance in making different requirements work together within a product.

From market leaders to start-ups, every business worldwide is leveraging the most developed technologies, such as AI, to capitalize on their respective demands and are creating plant-based alternatives or substitutes. With the help of analyzing particular flavor, odor, texture, and nutritional content that consumers are searching for. Besides, they are also developing meat alternatives that give people the taste that they want but without any negative connotations.

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