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Digital Loyalty? Yes, You Heard it Right!

Food and Beverages | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Summary: Dining is an extremely personal affair and loyal customers in this digital era have extensive scope to build a different fan base for their favorite restaurants. Ultimately, the services and feedbacks reflect the company brand as well as the customers’ habits.

FREMONT, CA: The expanding personalization into mobile and online ordering in a quick-service restaurant brand can compel recurring business and create loyal customers having orders that match their lives. Since people now place orders online for their meals and through mobile apps, the data collected from the footprints of their browsers display a clear picture of how clients react more to hyper-personalization in marketing initiatives.

Customers value the dish they had ordered in the past, so restaurant owners can save their time by re-offering it from their favorites whenever they revisit the digital food-ordering app. Tools are set up in applications to offer customers a comforting one-touch re-order option, a form of a digital personalization strategy, to get their favorite food delivered.

Limited-time offers on the home screen can be considered a great way to personalize the customer experience. For example, if a customer prefers to have steaks over vegetables, the app should flash limited offers related to steaks on the home screen. Besides, companies can provide behind-the-scenes personalized promotional efforts by offering to incentivize behaviors, which is a small reminder for them to place an order again.  

In cases where restaurants segregate the list depending on the frequency of guest visits, the management will need to focus on attracting the infrequent customers over the regular ones. By offering promotional beverages or gift cards to the infrequent customers can help in getting more clientele counts than the existing numbers.

Beyond the techniques of re-ordering and promotional advertising, there are blended ways to reach a larger audience and yield higher results. By using family-oriented offers that can encourage them to order for three to four people at once can help in making more revenue and serving comfortable family dinner-time at home.

Whether an incremental visit or automated personalized push notification, data can drive the campaign in more than one way, which can create a conversational experience. Advanced digital platforms can make data available, so all that matters is following the right way to build actions from the customers. Utilizing hyper-personalized approaches in the restaurants can fetch information regarding the customer’s favorite food habits and their preferred mobile or inline experience; alongside improve ROI in the quick-service industry that relies on incremental visits and revenue.

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