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Improving Food Safety with Technology

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Improving Food Safety with Technology

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Private Virtual Cloud

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Private Virtual Cloud

Ensuring Food Safety and Environmental Monitoring Automation

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Corvium has announced partnership with Cherney Microbiological Services, a recognized food testing laboratory to ensure the production and quality of food.

FREMONT, CA: Corvium Inc. has announced a partnership with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. Global food brands and independent food suppliers are assisted by Corvium’s CONTROL-PRO platforms to improve their food safety and regulatory compliance performance with the assistance of proactive environmental monitoring.

The joint venture between the companies will assist the customer in investigating their data from the Cherney in Corvium’s analytics platform. Moreover, food companies can conduct a thorough analysis to understand the root cause of any problem and determine recent food trends. It will also become easier for them to compare how their food facilities are executing food safety policies. 

“The advancement of food safety automation is transforming how food suppliers manage their environmental monitoring programs,” states David Hatch, Corvium’s chief strategy officer. “Third-party lab services companies, like Cherney, play a vital role in providing diagnostic results to food suppliers, and in turn, our technology enables a more accurate and accelerated response time with the transfer of that information from supplier to the lab and back to the supplier. This decreases food supplier risk by improving the speed at which corrective actions can be launched when pathogens and other harmful organisms are discovered.”

 The partnership will be beneficial for Cherney customers as they can aggregate their data for identifying the on-going trends in the food safety programs. This information will help customers in understanding lab test results on a larger scale.

Food companies and suppliers share a common connection of making sure that the facilities are safe for producing food. Besides, the partnership will also enhance the accuracy and speed of the customers’ testing programs by reducing the time consumed for preparing audits and reacting to inspections. Corvium and Cherney have taken a massive step with the partnership to ensure food safety and quality.         

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