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Essential Qualities of an Optimal POS System

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A point-of-sale system (POS) is used to manage the financial transactions for businesses like cash, debit and credit card, mobile payments and also print receipts, store cash, scan barcodes, inventory management and even the post-transaction operations that will help in planning offers and better customer fulfillment.

The modern (POS) systems are replacing traditional cash register system as they are now a vital source of inventory, customer data, security, multiple payment methods, stock transfer between branches and a few. Key points before purchasing a POS system:


Different POS systems have different rates because of various built-in features. A POS system comes with monthly rent also. It is better to use a cloud-based or SaaS (software as a service) POS system as it comes with a custom report builder with detailed analytics and insights. Tablet-based systems are usually favorite among employees as they have touch screens that make them super easy to use; they can be used throughout the store, and are comparatively less expensive. POS systems offering digital receipts over text or email can save money on printers and paper. Tablet-based POS system also enables to collect customer’s data for marketing and loyalty programs.

Employee management

POS must be helpful to schedule employee shifts, communicate schedules with employees, and provide a centralized place for employees to switch shifts or send messages.

Fast checkout

POS software should simplify the checkout process.


The POS system should let enterprises keep their branding unique by offering features for personalization according to their needs.

Customer service

A POS system should be able to work fine even with slow internet speed.

Accounting Integration

A POS system must be able to integrate with the preferred accounting software or at least be able to transfer data for convenience.

Future Needs

In case a business has set up another store, the old POS system must be able to integrate data with the POS in the new store. So that products can be shared in between stores in case of demand.

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