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Facility Management App: A Restaurant Manager's Sidekick

By Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Can a restaurant manager be present to help without being on ground? Yes, with a facility management app, the manager can focus on sales leaving the repair and maintenance to the virtual friend.

FREMONT, CA: Management of a restaurant or a group of restaurants is no small talk. Employee management, inventory, profits, menus, and a multitude of other responsibilities more often than not convert the job into a 24-hour situation. With an added worry about facility or equipment repairs, the business might be subjected to severe damage. In case of equipment failure, a scramble is what it will cause, by the time repairs are done—the scramble results in an impact far more massive than the cause itself.Restaurant management

Since repair works and maintenance is unavoidable, the restaurant owners cannot allow these issues to persist for a longer duration as they have the chances of sabotaging the customer experience. The most optimal method to employ while dealing with such malfunctions is to hire a facilities management application. It has distinct measures which can be used to curb any problems that occur in the restaurant:

1. By Maintaining a Shared List of Repair needs it Eliminates Outstanding Repairs:

In a small restaurant scenario, when there is a problem occurring, the manager or the owner tends to it. But, when it comes to huge restaurants and chain of restaurants, the outstanding pile of repair work can grow and end up causing bottlenecks.

With a facility management app in place, it is easier to categorize repairs, add information, and sort the data by specific location or date.  Tracking all the open repairs from a centralized place makes the management of the same easier and quicker, along with a disciplined approach.

2. Sharpened Leader Oversight will Increase Employee Accountability:

A facility management app provides enough power to the employees, making it easier for them to take the situation in hand and exercise control over it. The employees do not have to depend on the manager to take action.

The management system will allow the employee to create an easy repair ticket, wherein the manager can review the problem remotely and ensure if the problem is handled aptly.

3. Increased Repair Decisions will Reduce the Expenditure on Maintenance:

Like all other aspects, repair and maintenance have its timeline and preferences. A facility management app provides the owners with the power to prioritize according to the preferred service vendors for different jobs. The relationships built over time with the vendors can reduce the cost of repair and maintenance.  In case of inefficient work results, the app can list other vendors and their charge sheets to ensure the optimized allotting.

4. Manager Workloads are Streamlined to Improve Employee Retention:

For managers and employees, restaurants are hectic workplaces. The stress on the staff can be unburdened by a facility management app which will systematize the workloads. The typical schedules are usually ruined due to repair or malfunction, but, with the app employed to look into the same, workloads are re-organized. It gives most attention to solving the most significant problem at hand, and the related issues are divided among managers and assistants, making a huge difference.

5. Organization of Repair Information and Invoices Save Time: 

The app can not only save the quotes and invoices automatically but also manage them most efficiently. A weekly report of the repairs and costs can also be availed by the management app to assist the decision-makers in understanding the various issues that exist. It saves time by delivering the information to the owners at their fingertips.

The facility management application is a complete package when it comes to handling the repair and maintenance in the restaurant. It can bring discipline into disjointed equipment repair methods and reaps benefits to be leveraged—the app assists in providing the best experience for the customer in the existing restaurant setup.


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