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Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The food safety environment might get into a difficult position but the methods of handling the pathogens and its management is likely to witness a good change due to the expansion of the modern technology.

FREMONT, CA: Technologies are increasingly emerging in the present world, which helps to pinpoint the source of numerous outbreaks as well as to reduce their impact and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Modern technologies are expanding their visibility into the genesis and spreading of disastrous outbreaks.

Here are a few technologies, which hold a firm grip for battling food-borne illness in food services:

Predictive Analytics:

The evaluation of big data to uncover patterns and indicators is increasingly prevailing to help stem outbreaks of food-borne diseases. Researchers have accumulated vast amounts of useful data from the past outbreaks, which are assisting them in identifying the sources of pathogens whenever any illness arises. Furthermore, social media is an active provider of a new vein of data that can be used to instantly identify outbreaks, as users share stories of illness on the platforms.


Blockchain technology has been described as the sacred grail of food safety, as it brings more transparency and traceability for every participant in the food distribution system. Blockchain’s decentralized data systems help the industry to aggregate and organize information to trace the sources of foods that can be affected by an outbreak. By using blockchain, food companies will be able to trace outbreaks back to the specific causes and help to increase consumer safety while reducing financial losses.


Accurate labeling in the food services is an essential element when it comes to the prevention of food-borne illness, and technology can lend a helping hand in automating the operations.

There are the new cloud-based kitchen automation systems, which help the professionals in the food industry to ensure that the served dish is safe, healthy, and in adherence to regulatory requirements. It also can handle ingredients and recipes at the corporate level, accessible by staff at different locations and overall cost to the business. Automated food labeling offers instant conformity through a secure, cloud-based corporate dashboard combined with an insightful, app-driven kitchen interface and wireless hardware.

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