Food Industry is Implementing Cutting-Edge Solutions to Boost Productivity

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Technological innovations have changed the conventional methods of food processing.

FREMONT, CA: As the implications of COVID-19 continue to be felt across industries, food makers should anticipate seeing many similar ongoing trends this year, but others will develop. As companies adjust to changing customer demands and ESG regulations, creativity in sustainable processes will be a primary priority. Disruptions and widespread labor shortages will continue to influence the food and retail service industries, shifting the balance between the two.

Commitment to sustainability

New scientific data continuously indicate a growing urgency to solve human-caused environmental issues, and customers are more conscious than ever before of how their own choices, as well as the businesses they favor, pollute the world. Companies are responding to client requests to be more environmentally conscientious. Transitions to non-fossil fuel-based energy sources, decreased water usage, recyclable materials, hygienic, environmentally friendly detergent, and cleaning solutions for end-products and equipment are all gaining popularity.

The rise of plant-based product

Technology advancements will change as consumer preferences and decisions are driven by more significant health and environmental consciousness. Many existing approaches are already meeting these growing demands, but producers should also explore adapting to their client's particular internal processes, product types, and processing methods. Plant-based proteins and dairy substitutes are two of the most famous options, and these will remain prominent. Also, in the future is the emergence of culture-based proteins. Cultured meat has been on the market for almost a decade and will keep growing as an alternative ingredient. As these new procedures grow exponentially, experts will work with clients to convert existing batch processes into effective continuous methods, applying their well-established food science expertise to this new technology.

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Increased IoT connectivity and automation

Digitalization will intensify throughout industries. The food business is responding slowly and cautiously to new technological solutions. Industry 4.0 solutions will be critical in enabling manufacturers and processors to enhance workflow, eliminate production problems, and increase profits, among other things. Several businesses are experiencing labor shortages due to the COVID-19 epidemic, shifting workforce priorities, and other factors. This has put a lot of pressure on key technology providers to build equipment that would assist customers in fulfilling their objectives while having fewer people on-site. Increased automation roles, such as robotics, will be critical in addressing human labor shortages and improving operational efficiencies and finished for businesses.

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