Four Upgrades Predicted To Uplift Restaurant Service

Food and Beverages | Monday, July 27, 2020

Technologies from the previous decade that have shaken the restaurant scenario for good have carved a pathway for more developments to arise shortly.

FREMONT, CA: Mobile payments and POS systems are technologies that have conquered the food and beverage industry in the last decade. Evolving from a primary money manager to a system integrated with AI, the developments have been vast. The restaurants have embraced each upgrade as it brings with a bevy of customers, advantages, more so than not profits to the establishment. With the new decade around the corner, the trends that a restaurant scene can expect are:

1. Better Digital Inventory Management:

Employee thefts, food tracking expenses, or issues with low stock situations are the circumstances avoided with the implementation of inventory management. Even though inventory management is not a newer concept, the integration of the latest technologies will help the issues efficiently and initiates proactive handling of the mishaps. Since preventing it is better than solving the problem. By incorporating a digitalized system with automated ordering features, the food will never run out!

2. Predictive Ordering:

The restaurant can now implement predictive ordering to establish a complete full stop to errors in receiving orders. The applications will suggest the popular choices among the customers, remember the favorites of returning customers, and place automatic orders for the restaurants. With predictive ordering, wastage of food will significantly reduce while the system in sync with inventory management solutions suggest the best for that particular order while considering the inventory.

3. Adoption of Paperless Service:

The popularity of placing orders and obtaining checks online is mostly widespread by food delivery apps. The ease of booking for a table and food online has become a natural move to the customers. By enabling in-depth digitalization, the restaurant can avoid the use of all papers, even tissues. Devices like touch-screens can be utilized to provide menus, take the orders, and also collect immediate feedback. The whole transaction is also cashless, and usage of printed receipt copies is nullified. This method of ordering is not only fast, but its hassle-free as orders are directly transferred to the kitchen without the waiter having to remember. Additionally, digital orders help with the reports regularly.

4. Streamlining Online Reservations:

Customers have acquainted themselves with the idea of shopping online, gathering references from social media, and search engines for identifying places to dine. Since recently, the institution websites, third party engines, and specific booking portals allow the luxury of reservations remotely.

The streamlining of the booking process by having a core portal will drive up revenue. The portal to which all other avenues redirect customers will increase the traffic to the official website. A foundational ambiance in the customer’s mind about the mood of the restaurant is set by streamlining.

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