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Important Features of an On-Demand Food Ordering App

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Fresh Portal Set to Launch an Innovative Solution for Last-Mile

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Fresh Portal, Inc. today announced its launch of a revolutionary innovation in last-mile delivery receipt of prepared food, local products, groceries, and sensitive packages to the market.

FREMONT, CA: Fresh Portal is an innovative home and workplace delivery solution. The company features advanced multipurpose delivery receiving solutions, remotely controlled through an app or Wifi that includes Far-UVC disinfection, package security, and climate control into a single household appliance. Fresh Portal keeps the delivered groceries, and prepared food fresh and temperature controlled until the consumer can collect it in their home. Fresh Portal is also the solution for temperature-sensitive medications and is the ideal delivery solution for any modern home. There is no doubt of what the audiences can expect with the Fresh Portal Launch.

From Fresh Portal CEO, Jeremy High says, "We are in the beginning of a worldwide transition that will blur the lines between work, home, school and recreation. A renewed sense of community and shared family and friends experience of sitting for a meal together where kids are free to play so diminished by busy two-car families and big-box shopping, may soon return as we relax and focus on living, cooking and family. This is essential to a simple way of life that many of us want back, I think."

Fresh Portal can safely control the temperature depending on the particular delivery's needs - meals can be kept cool or warm. The temperature can be adjusted to comply with the consumer's temperature-sensitive medications or packages to be kept safe. Fresh Portal units are made with two temperature zones; in a single delivery, the consumer can have hot pizza in one zone and any cold beverages in another. The Far-UVC disinfection light cycle runs every time delivery happens.

The Fresh Portal concept came to be in 2015 when three professionals in the Carmel, California luxury building market were striving to design a fresh food delivery solution so their customers can focus on enjoying the weather rather than running for groceries.

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