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Get the Pay-at-the-Table Technology Rolling!

Food and Beverages | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Summary: Customers today value their time and demand comfort with efficient service. Pay-at-the-table solutions can substitute the traditional process of running from guest to the POS terminal with on-the-spot service and more significant customer rendezvous.

FREMONT, CA: Has it ever occurred, how much time it takes to complete a single transaction after the supper is over? The waiter has to take the check to the guest, then walk again to the counter, bring the card from the guest, walk to the POS terminal, get a receipt, have it signed from the customer, walk back, receive and adjust the tip, and lastly, balance it with the POS system. It seems like a lot of work for a human to do for one small transaction without any technology.  By employing a pay-at-the-table solution in the restaurants, the system can be much different as well as convenient as the waiter carries the check to the table along with a mobile payment device.

Efficient Performance: Pay-at-the-table solutions save a considerable amount of time and minimize the steps. The transaction is carried out at once by the customer and staff by presenting the check and paying with the mobile payment device, without multiple trips to the POS system.

Improved Service: The long-established payment process between the staff and guest takes 10 to 12 steps and includes nine minutes more per table on an average. With the utilization of pay-at-the-table mobile devices, the number of steps is cut down to almost half, and the pay-at-the-table technology eliminates the time consumed in accepting payments with a new streamlined process. The method helps in avoiding slower service with better engagement via services and boosts the number of people served to fetch the company with more revenue per shift.

Automated Tips: The devices held in hand can mechanically calculate and suggest the tip amount, which can help the patrons to pay quickly with an idea about what percentage of the amount they are tipping.

Secured Payment: Payments at the table through credit cards on a mobile payment device does not require handing the card over to anyone else, which gives the customer peace of mind regarding their card safety. Tipping can include a layer of complexity when it comes to authorizing EMV-transactions, so the pay-at-the-table solutions provide a way to overcome the challenges and protect the restaurant from chargebacks and friendly fraud.

Turning tables sooner, keeping guests content and gaining their loyalty, operating resourcefully, and reducing expenses, including EMV-chargebacks, sum up to more profitable business operations.



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