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GoTab Launches New Course Firing Feature

By Food and Beverages | Monday, October 26, 2020

GoTab Launches New Course Firing Feature

GoTab introduces a new course firing feature designed better to assist operators with ordering flow and dining efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: GoTab, a restaurant commerce platform, unearths a new course firing feature created better to assist the operators with ordering and dining efficiency. Leveraging the feedback from operators like Think Food Group, Barcelona Wine Bar, and Stone Brewing Company, GoTab developed new capabilities for front-of-house and back-of-house staff to manage food and beverage orders a better way.

A Virtual "Food Expediter" On the Line

GoTab is at present the only contactless platform that offers this one-of-a-kind course firing feature, enabling automatic grouping of items, letting the kitchen understand when to hold or start firing the dishes, and controlling the pace of each diner's experience. This important 'smart' feature automatically facilitates the sequencing of orders, grouping every course separately so that the appetizers, entrees, or desserts are fired and come out of the kitchen together. As more diners input their food order via contactless ordering, this feature acts as the food expediter on the line, making sure the back-of-house team fires the right dishes at the right time, and servers deliver them to customers in the correct order and at the right place.

Quickly Pace Guests' Meals, Maximize Table Turnover

This new tool complements the current menu management features and the smart KDS functions that allow kitchen staff to organize the scheduled orders. Customers stay in full control of their dining experience, choosing to browse the menu, order and pay directly via GoTab on their device, or order tableside through the restaurant's staff Mobile POS. Front-of-house employees and back-of-house staff can now collaborate to pace guests' meals, ensure food is delivered to diners as soon as it is ready, and maximize table turnover.

Fast Solutions, Always Getting Better

A right restaurant operations partner, GoTab always listens to operators and launches new features adapted to their evolving needs. Instead of imposing the technology on its customers, the restaurant commerce platform regularly finds new ways to tweak the existing features, expand capabilities, and respond to the evolving hospitality landscape. New tools are assumed and developed based on the operators, front-of-house, and back-of-house staff navigating the platform and offering real-time feedback to the GoTab team. GoTab's coursing feature, combined with the platform's native tools and additional capabilities, is the ultimate solution for operators to run lean and profitable operations while giving guests a safe and satisfying dining experience.



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