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Here is How You Can Smoothen Bulk Delivery For Food

Food and Beverages | Friday, September 13, 2019

Although bulk delivery is a simple solution, several refined details go into it. Just compiling the orders and delivering is more damaging to the brand than to the customer.

FREMONT, CA: Online retail pioneers fueled the dawn of “click and rise” economy; it has gradually taken over the restaurant industry. The new-age customers’ demand the restaurants come to their houses. To fulfill this demand, the restaurants are struggling upside-down to figure out the delivery process ergonomically. 

To tackle this issue, the bulk delivery of orders is the solution the restaurants have adopted. The advantages of a bulk delivery model are huge as bulk deliveries leverage economies of scale. Although the solution sounds simple, delivering in bulk entails a variety of complications, for the model to work, since addressing several crucial factors is necessary. Let us look at some of them.

Simplifying Food Deliveries For Restaurant Managers: 

Adopting the bulk delivery model needs a well-oiled system to manage and conduct deliveries. A timeframe for pre-orders needs to be established, to handle the arrangements and use the time efficiently. Without a firm timeframe in place, the orders can start arriving when the in-store tables are almost filling up. By placing excess stress on the staff will damage the quality of food and customer experience both in-store and off-site. 

Customize Menus For Each Service and Delivery: 

The transportation of a delicately decorated dish can be a tough feat; similarly, the deliveries of certain dishes need much more attention than others. To maintain the integrity of the dish and also the quality of food, customizing specific dishes for off-site and in-store is a good idea for carrying out bulk delivery. A delivery-specific menu will make the restaurant stand apart. 

Devote Equal Time To Staff As Well As The Dishes:

The staff is an extension to the restaurant’s brand; the behavioral and managerial skills of the employees should uplift the brand value. From restaurant manager to even the delivery guys should demonstrate this professionalism. To make this happen, extra training should be given to the staff so that the same discipline is followed throughout the entire process. Especially delivery guys need to be given attention as that single person represents the brand of the restaurant.

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