Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

By Atanasios MOSCHOS, Quality, Security & Safety Director, Confiserie Leonidas

Some findings after 10 months of COVID pandemic

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

By Casey Debruyn, Ph.d., Heartland Food Products Group

If You Build It, They Will Come...Maybe

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By Christine Vanderpool, VP IT Security & CISO, Florida Crystals

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How a Good Digital Marketing Strategy Increase Restaurant Revenue

Food and Beverages | Thursday, August 20, 2020

Having a digital marketing plan for the restaurant is not enough. It is vital to have a correct, suitable and optimal plan that recognizes the gaps and fills it to uplift the restaurant and increase the revenue.

FREMONT, CA: In the modern business-planning scenario, strategies or strategizing is the fundamental element of any business. How a strategy for an enterprise is planned, thought out, and applied is the core of all businesses.

Strategies for all business has two most basic processes—formulation and implementation. Especially in the food business, these steps play a significant role. As the food industry is gaining popularity on an enormous scale--due to various factors like the internet and social media--tastes of people have expanded to a global scale from a regional area. This is why several facts deserve mention at the outset, before having a detailed discussion about strategies for eateries and food business.

• A Food Service Industry is highly an opportunistic business sector with no set-in-rock rules. 
• The tastes, food habits and preferences in each cuisine differ from people to people and region to region.
• This is perhaps the only industry with the broadest scope in business expansion as it means the provision of food.
• In-depth studies in the area are necessary as the majority of people prefer the tastes and not the dishes. Theses preferences are formed based on reviews and ratings expressed on social media platforms.
• The primordial concern is the type of services catered by the food chain other than maintaining the apt taste and optimal quality. 

Reasons how digital marketing can benefit the business in a food service industry are:

1. Since the data will be readily available, the formulating of a strategy gets simplified and accelerates the process to achieve nothing less than perfection with precise results. 

2. The planning of a sound proactive strategy as a result of the analysis made by the digital marketers will showcase the characteristics of the food lovers with whom a sure shot success will be obtained. For example, the knowledge of the market and customers can be understood to decide whether the cuisine should be Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, or Thai. The identification is nothing but the process of a strategizing—implementation. 

3. More than 90 percent of people who use a smartphone will search for the options available before choosing a place to eat. These decisions are based on reviews, which is where the digital marketing agency will step in, to make sure the food outlet is on the desired rank on the social media platform. 

4. The food industry is expected to grow into a multibillion-dollar industry with surplus disposable income. In this set-up, several diners utilize social media to share memories and experiences with both their formal and informal groups. Well thought-out digital marketing plans to utilize this feature will sky-rocket the customer footfall. 

5. An excellent digital marketing plan for the brand will act as a determinant factor in the total market share as much as 80 percent, with the majority of customers being first-time visitors. Considerations of other customer’s experiences at the restaurant or food chain are also included. 

A tightly knit strategy will both act as a proactive and reactive plan considering the circumstances a brand is going to face in today’s competitive market. Until and unless the plans are backed with in-depth research and conscious promotional efforts, none of the plans or intuition will work. 

The decisions of the customers before visiting the restaurants will most likely be tested depending on the trends running at that time with opinions on the internet and social media. These decisions are swayed and influence if excellent digital marketing is in place.

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