It's All About Talents Now - So How Do We Avoid Going Down The Rabbit-Hole?

By Zenas Kok, Head Of Human Capital, Fraser & Neave

It's All About Talents Now - So How Do We Avoid Going...

What's In Your Ice?

By Tony He, Senior Director - Business Development, Franke Foodservice Systems Asia

What's In Your Ice?

The Shifting Dynamics In Supply Chain

By Mike Wilson, CEO, Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM)

The Shifting Dynamics In Supply Chain

Leading The Supply Chain Through A Transformational Journey

By Kim Miller, Director, Supply Chain Business Integration & Analytics, Boeing [NYSE:BA]

Leading The Supply Chain Through A Transformational Journey

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) upgrades the supply chain industry

Food and Beverages | Monday, April 08, 2019

Broadening the spectrum of the supply chain industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates a positive impact by introducing multiple methodologies such as analytical tactics, process evaluation methods, statistical analysis, and many more. AI technology supports supply chain management by serving the manufacturing, distributing and retailing industries, vendors, and suppliers, making way for business expansion at the global level. AI-based tech applications drive the business enterprises towards achieving their objectives by improving sales, import and export margins, supply rates, quality of manufacturing, production, and service, and customer satisfaction.

Supply chain systems which are driven by artificial intelligence are capable of systematic and organized way of analyzing data and classifying it further under multiple verticals like data type, processing technology, end product form, geographic region and more. Stabilizing the supply chain market AI concepts provide detailed business insights to strengthen financial processes, marketing strategies, production and performance, and other such enterprise-level concerns.

Besides, AI technology has all the potential to transform the market trends with enhanced supply chain mechanisms. Driving the industrial growth, AI automates almost all the supply chain processes, thereby promoting accuracy, and reducing complexity. By increasing data transparency, AI helps commerce enterprises ensure customer satisfaction effortlessly. Sophisticating the supply chain security systems, AI has developed unique customer identification codes. Standardizing all the local security methods supply chain processes are now allowed to follow universal customer identification methods.

Increasing the liquidity of payment options and the efficiency of delivery systems the intelligent bots assist this industry to exhibit its complete caliber. Data-driven AI technology is yet another revolutionary in the supply chain market to optimize marketing and operational strategies of a company. Fluid data-driven AI applications enable the supply chain industry to understand and meet the customer expectations, by employing advanced problem-solving analytics. AI’s real-time decision-making adds to the success of supply chain industries. With continuously evolving AI technology, supply chain is sure to avail more such revolutionizing benefits.

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