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Improving Food Safety with Technology

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Technological Advances in Food Safety

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Poultry Farms

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The poultry industry must invest in technologies like artificial intelligence to get more accurate information about the farms.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential technology for several industries, which helps develop smart machines that can perform the tasks that need human intelligence. There is a wide range of AI-based tools that help people analyze data, utilize information to make better decisions, and implement information to increase the growth of their business. 

Since AI can be used in various sectors, the poultry industry is no less. With more human interference on the farm, there can be a higher chance of infection spread, but with robotics, the infection spread in poultry farms are sure to reduce. AI can also be utilized to decrease errors, increase the profit of the farm, and enhance efficiency. 

Top 10 Poultry and Meat Production and Processing Solution Companies - 2020Farm Management

One of the most significant roles played in farm management practices is by using big data. Earlier, the massive amount of data was managed manually, but now, computers are utilized to store the information about the farm. With the help of big data, poultry farms can store a massive amount of data in the cloud. This information can be used by robotics or machines to monitor features like temperature, light, and humidity. Moreover, machine learning will play a significant role in forming the future of poultry farm management practices. 

Further, AI-based tools will allow the farms to collect the data, but it can also help process the data. These data can be analyzed with the help of data analytics so that the farms can gather relevant information and make a better decision to enhance the efficiency of the farm. 

AI can also be utilized to collect data and process it while poultry farms perform trials of different products. With the help of machines and sensors, it will become accessible to monitor such a considerable amount of data compared to manually evaluating them. AI will collect the data and evaluate them with the help of analytics and even offer comparative results through statistical analysis. 

Programming and robotics and also be utilized to enhance the genetics of the breed. The technology will help recognize the characteristics of the breed so that it becomes easy for the farm managers to select the right breed while studying genetics. The procedure can even decrease the expense of trial and provide accurate results. In any poultry industry, research and development can be expensive, but with the help of AI, they can manage the cost and also conduct multiple studies in a single trial.

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