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How Augmented Reality Will Impact Craft Beer Packaging Industry

Food and Beverages | Friday, April 16, 2021

Augmented reality can change beverage packaging into immersive virtual displays that will increase the popularity of craft beer. 

FREMONT, CA: A high-tech concept that transforms beverage packaging into immersive 'virtual' displays can boost craft beer's success even higher, with the recent announcement that the technology will be launched in 2021.  

The platform, appropriately called BEERSCANS, was created for the industry and is a tool that allows brewers to have a unique virtual experience for each beer label. The idea is to scan labels with smartphones and then project content back onto the can or bottle using augmented reality.

Dave Chaffey, from Third Aurora, the company behind the platform, said the "wow factor" is a powerful drawcard to attract customers. "The augmented reality is just incredible. You literally see jaws drop. It really captures the imagination. That's the razzle dazzle. It's the team behind it all that are the real stars of the show. "

Storytelling, authenticity draws consumers.

According to the company, consumers will learn about the people, procedures, and locations behind their favorite beer.

Consumers will be challenged to 'unlock' the story behind the beer through point-of-sale materials that will encourage them to bring their beer to life.

According to Chaffey, "BEERSCANS is a great fit for the craft beer industry. This is all about delivering a great experience, one that's a bit different."

"It's informative and entertaining, and it's with real people, telling their story straight their own product. That authentic mix is where consumers see the value,' said Chaffey," and we think it aligns well with the craft beer movement." "The consumer response has been strong; we can see a pathway to bring the concept to every craft beer."

Intriguing opportunities Even though attention is on the consumer, there are several other features that make it difficult to overlook the fascinating commercial opportunities:

• Capturing Sales

• Activation of all inventories

• Promotions

• Social media connection

On that last point, Chaffey interjects, "Ok, this is great. Forget QR codes. The smartphone app uses image recognition technology to analyse the detail of cans and bottles effectively identifying products by 'sight', the same way you or I would." "A business only has to upload one label for our system to learn, and then every identical label across the world activates. Whether it's from the latest batch, or an old bottle that's been in a fridge for ten years."

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