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How Automation will Boost the Food and Beverage Industry

Kevin Lobo, FB Tech Review | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Similar to every other industry, it has become essential for the food and beverage industry also to invest in the right automation products. The automated products will bring efficiency among the employees and increase their productivity.

FREMONT, CA: The food distributors and producers, most of the times, operate within high-quality standards and narrow margins. Robotic automation becomes a natural fit when it is about raising profits while providing consumers with better quality products.

Until recently, it was not possible to think about machines in the preparation and distribution of food. However, the robotic system introduced can streamline and accelerate every process in the food and beverage industry. This industry has benefitted hugely from the technological advancement in the automation sector. When a company is investing in the food and beverage industry, technology can help them in optimizing various portions of the everyday routine. The machines and software will help to increase the efficiency of the employees and also increase production.

The modern control systems are also cost-efficient and meant to simplify the procedures of production and helps the industry to grow. Here are some of the comprehensive benefits that automation has brought in the food and beverage industry.

1. Automated Tracking

In the food and beverage industry, product recall is not an exceptional concept. Calling back of the product involves the customer sending it back for replacement of finished goods, this means now the product will go to waste. Recalling of food is also the same when a customer sends the food back to the chief due to some issue, and it can cost the restaurant a considerable amount of money. 

Nowadays, with automation, the food chains can avoid such recalls by implementing an automated system such as the ERP, which makes sure the products are adequately tracked at every step of being processed. The software and machines guarantee that the products will be monitored starting from the stage of being raw until they become a finished product.

2. Maintaining Quality

In an automated environment, every product goes through a similar process. When the goods are going through the same technique, this means the quality of the end product will not fluctuate, or the chances of it lessen down. The consistency of every food going out to the customers' table is essential in the food and beverage industry as the taste, and the ingredients ratio has to be maintained.                       

3. Increased Production Rate

The restaurants can also lose a huge amount of money if there is over-production or inaccurate counts. The automated systems have high accuracy level, and it can help the food chains to track the quantity of food coming in and leaving the place.

4. Increased Production Rate

The machine does not have any stoppage time and can work round the clock, unlike the human body. If the automated tools are adequately maintained, it will bring efficiency to the manufacturing process. If the company is still dependent more on manual labor and into paperwork rather than introducing software, it will increase the production time, and will also fall behind in the competition.

5. Protecting Brand Reputation

Products are the primary source of any industry that can maintain their reputation in the industry. Therefore, for the food and beverage industry, it is essential to maintain safety, good quality, and traceability of the products that go out of their kitchen. The reason why automation is necessary for the industry is its potential to take care of all the crucial factors.

Machines make the production of food and beverages easier than any other standalone or manual systems. When significant parts of restaurants get automated, it will become more comfortable for the manager or chief to focus on different aspects of a restaurant such as making guests comfortable and their experience better.



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