Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry


Advanced Technologies In The Restaurant Industry

Technological Advances In Food Safety


Technological Advances In Food Safety

Augmented And Virtual Reality In Today's World

By Mayank Singh, Head Of Digital, Technology And Marketing Departments, Domino’s Pizza, Indonesia

Augmented And Virtual Reality In Today's World

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By Jill Hoffman, Director Of Global Quality And Food Safety, Mccormick & Co. Inc

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How Can AI Help in Creating a Dish?

Food and Beverages | Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The explosion of smart diet on social media has gained immense popularity with calculated food charts to the mouth-watering pictures. 

FREMONT, CA: Every data collected is appropriate for developing AI and ML that can use the data to prepare new, calculated recipes. Moreover, AI can also be used to produce food that optimizes the nutritional constituents and zest by using the experiences shared by people on the social media platform. Besides the smart diet, there are healthy salads, luscious steaks, and delicious desserts that come with descriptions as well as reviews.

Recipe from the Image:

Different scientists and workers have developed an AI-driven system that can derive the recipe of a food item by studying its pictures. The technology can interpret more than a million methods and find different patterns between images and ingredients. It has been considered as a successful technology, yet it lacks the last refinements while interpreting the pictures of food made with ingredients that are poles apart. With the advancement of technology, it can be refined and can help consumers with the elements of the menu along with their exact amount. It can indeed be of great help for people who have certain allergies or for those who are following a specific customized diet.

AI-Chef’s Hand:

There are mobile apps that widely help in creating recipes with the use of ingredients that are available at home. The applications can generate recipes based on the users’ liking and using accessible aroma profiles to blend different ingredients in unique ways. It also allows users to discover the ingredients that can be added based on preferred taste and consistency profiles. It can be paired with smart appliances and assistants in the kitchen to give recipes that are ready to cook. Nonetheless, it can additionally update the grocery shopping in real-time with scanned receipts uploaded in the inventory.

Preparing AI-Food:

A few technologies in the market can collect an incredible amount of data on previously prepared recipes and flavors, and arrange a new zest for the customer, after filtering through the gathered information. With the help of system algorithms and usage patterns, apps can learn and predict ingredient substitutions and appropriate ratios.

Several companies are harnessing the power of ML to prepare AI food and beverages. They are providing an AI platform that can imitate the human sensory observation to foresee the flavor profile responses.

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